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An iOS toast framework
.package(url: "https://github.com/quillchat/Butter.git", from: "0.8.0")

🧈 Butter

An iOS toast framework.


Toasts come in four styles:

  • Standard
  • Image
  • Indeterminate
  • Progress


To enqueue a standard toast:

Butter.enqueue(.init(title: "This is a toast"))

To enqueue a standard toast with a subtitle:

Butter.enqueue(.init(title: "This is a toast", subtitle: "Hello"))


To enqueue a image toast:

let image: UIImage = someUIImage()
Butter.enqueue(.init(title: "An image!", style: .image(image)))

By default, the image is masked to a circle with a radius of 12pt. This can be disabled:

  title: "An unmasked image!", 
  style: .image(image, shouldMaskToCircle: false)))


An indeterminate toast is one that includes a UIActivityIndicator (an indeterminate spinner). To enqueue an indeterminate toast:

let id = UUID()
Butter.enqueue(.init(id: id, title: "Please wait…", style: .indeterminate))

Indeterminate toasts are not automatically dismissed. You dismiss a toast by specifying its ID. For example:

Butter.dismiss(id: id)

If a toast with the given ID is presented, it will be dismissed. If it is enqueued, it will be dequeued.


A progress toast is one that includes a circular progress indicator. A progress toast is automatically dismissed once its progress is finished. To enqueue a progress toast:

let progress: Progress = getProgress()
Butter.enqueue(.init(title: "Uploading…", style: .progress(progress)))

You can optionally provide a tint color for the progress indicator:

Butter.enqueue(.init(title: "Uploading…", style: .progress(progress, tintColor: .systemRed)))


Toasts come in two appearances:

  • Standard
  • Error

To enqueue a toast indicating that an error has occurred:

Butter.enqueue(.init(title: "Upload Failed", appearance: .error))

Tap Actions

It is possible to specify a tap action for any toast. For example:

  title: "Task Complete", 
  subtitle: "Tap to View", 
  onTap: { self.presentTask() }))

Whether or not a tap action is specified, a standard toast will always dismiss itself on tap.

Modifying a Toast

If you enqueue a toast with the same ID as an existing toast (either presented or enqueued), that toast will be replaced.

Screen Edge

Toasts are inset according to the safe area inset of the top-most view controller. The top-most view controller is determined by traversing the presentedViewController hierarchy, stepping into the topViewController of any UINavigationController and the selectedViewController of any UITabBarController.

A view controller may not become the top-most view controller if:

  • It has a modalPresentationStyle of .popover.
  • It has a modalPresentationStyle of .pageSheet or .formSheet in a regular-height, regular-width size class.
  • It is a UIAlertController.

By default, toasts appear from the bottom edge of the screen. To present a toast from the top edge, specify the edge property:

Butter.enqueue(.init(title: "Message Sent", edge: .top))

The top-most view controller can override the bottom inset by implementing the BottomInsetProviding protocol.

Multiple Window Apps

By default, toasts appear in the first foreground active window scene. You can optionally specify the window scene in which the toast should appear. For example, if a toast should appear in the same scene as a particular view:

Butter.enqueue(.init(title: "Toast"), on: view.window.windowScene)

Known Issues

Toasts follow the user interface orientation of the top-most view controller. If a toast is visible when the top-most view controller changes to one with a different orientation, the debug console will display an Unbalanced calls to begin/end appearance transitions for Butter.ButterViewController error.


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Release Notes

2 weeks ago

Adds shouldScaleToFit option to the image style. When set to false, this allows you to provide an image that is smaller than the normal size.

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