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QLoop /'kyoo•loop/ - n - Declarative asynchronous operation loops

  • compose asynchronous operation paths as reusable "loop" constructs
  • test-friendly observer-pattern module favoring declarative composition
  • built-in error propagation
  • swiftPM compatible package
  • universal module; Swift 4.2+, 5 (default)

Compose paths of asynchronous operation segments, then bind them to anchors or wrap them up into observable loops. Simply decorate an entity with empty loops and/or anchors, and implement the onChange and/or onError events.

Designed to be simple to use, test, and debug. (Or so it's intended.)


a.k.a. what it is and what it does.

Getting Started

How to install and start using it.

API Reference

Basically just a listing of the classes, functions, and arguments that make up QLoop.

Change Log

On-going summary of pertinent changes from one version to the next.

Demo App

The example app, qloop-demo, demonstrates how to write a declarative iOS app using QLoop, which includes real-world working examples of static composition, error handling, concurrent threads, and unit-testing.

Enjoying QLoop? You might check out its soul-mate: QRoute, a library providing declarative navigation and routing features with similar enthusiasm. Using them together, or separately, is up to you.



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