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prebid/prebid-mobile-ios 2.1.0
Prebid Mobile SDK for iOS applications
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.package(url: "https://github.com/prebid/prebid-mobile-ios.git", from: "2.1.0")

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Prebid Mobile iOS SDK

To work with Prebid Mobile, you will need accesss to a Prebid Server. See this page for options.

Use Cocoapods?

Easily include the Prebid Mobile SDK for your primary ad server in your Podfile/

platform :ios, '11.0'

target 'MyAmazingApp' do 
    pod 'PrebidMobile'

Build framework from source

Build Prebid Mobile from source code. After cloning the repo, from the root directory run


to output the Prebid Mobile framework.

Test Prebid Mobile

Run the test script to run unit tests and integration tests.



2.1.0 version is available to build PrebidMobile with Carthage. For that, please, put the following content to your Cartfile:

github "prebid/prebid-mobile-ios" == 2.1.0-carthage

Run this command in order to build PrebidMobile with Carthage:

carthage update --use-xcframeworks --platform ios

Note that PrebidMobileGAMEventHandlers, PrebidMobileAdMobAdapters, PrebidMobileMAXAdapters are not available to build with Carthage.


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Release Notes

Release 2.1.0
6 weeks ago

Prebid SDK


The following classes and methods have been deprecated in the scope of introducing multiformat ad units. They still work, but eventually, they will be removed from the SDK:

  • VideoAdUnit is deprecated, useBannerAdUnit with video ad format instead; using the videoParameters you can customize the bid request for video ads;
  • VideoInterstitialAdUnit is deprecated, use InterstitialAdUnit with video ad format instead; using the videoParameters you can customize the bid request for video ads;
  • for instream video ads use InstreamVideoAdUnit;
  • parameters properties in BannerAdUnit and InterstitialAdUnit are deprecated, use bannerParameters instead;
  • parameters property in RewardedVideoAdUnit is deprecated, use videoParameters instead;
  • display case of AdFormat enum is deprecated, use banner instead

Full Changelog: https://github.com/prebid/prebid-mobile-ios/compare/2.0.9...2.1.0

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