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ppraveentr/MobileTheme 1.2
AppTheming - Ablity to configure and maintaining SwiftUI elements's theme via simple JSON.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/ppraveentr/MobileTheme.git", from: "1.2")

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A way to organize and manage style across the application dynamically (dark and light mode).


App's styles are defined thorugh a JSON file, which can loaded once app is lanched.

Sample - Theme.Json

    "version": "1.0",
    "colors": {
        "white": "#FFFFFF",
        "red": "#EE4B2B"
    "fonts": {
        "subHeader": { "weight": "subheadline" }
    "styles": {
        "TextRW": {
            "forgroundColor": {"light": "red", "dark": "white"},
            "font": "subHeader"

We can load the json file into Manager as:

   guard let themeModel = try? Data.contentOfFile("Theme.json") else { return }
   try? ThemesManager.loadThemeModel(themeModel)

Configure the SwiftUI Text style as below:

    Toggle("Color Scheme", isOn: $isLightMode)
      .theme(ColorSchemeValue(.title, dark: .headline))
    Text("Font as 'title' in LightMode and 'headline' in DarkMode")
      .theme(ColorSchemeValue(.title, dark: .headline))
    Text("'Red' in LightMode and 'White' in DarkMode")
    Text("'Blue' in LightMode and 'Red' in DarkMode")
      .theme(.foreground(color: .init(.blue, dark: .red)))



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