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Using NWConnection to do HTTP requests. Force interface and bypass ATS.
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Sometimes you need a little more control over your connection then URLSession allows.

This class use NWConnection to create a HTTPRequest that does not need ATS exceptions. Point the request at a URL and it will get the raw response from the URL.



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Making a GET request

import Foundation
import HTTPRequesting
import Network

// create the url
guard let url = URL(string: "https://www.yahoo.com") else {
	print("bad url")
// 30 seconds time to live on the request
let timeout = 30.0
// force the request over wifi
let required = NWInterface.InterfaceType.wifi
// allow self signed certs
let validation = .insecure
// better would be to use pinning.

// create the reqeust
let request = NWHTTPRequest(url: url,
                            timeout: timeout,
                            required: required)
// call the request
try request.call(
    certificate: validation
    handle: { (error, data) in
        // handle when data comes in
        // if there is an error, handle the error and return
        if let error = error { return print(error) }
        // if there is data, handle the data
        if let data = data {
            let result = String(data: data, encoding: .ascii) ??
                "data could not be string encoded"
            return print(result)
        print("no error, no result")
    complete: {
        // clean up if needed.


You might want to use insecure that will allow any certificate to be used.

This is really dangerious. I suggest using the insecure options to get the hosts certificate and then switch to using that certificates base64 encoded sha256 of the certificate for pinned validation.

Pinning a certificate can be done by using the option .certificate([String]) Pass in a base64 encode SHA256 of the x509 certificate that is expected from the host. This will validate that the host is using this certificate.

You could also use the

openssl x509 -in server.crt -outform der | \
openssl dgst -sha256 -binary | \
openssl enc -base64

openssl command to get the base64 encode SHA256 of the x509 certificate if you have access to it.


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Last commit: 5 weeks ago

Release Notes

version 0.0.1
6 weeks ago
  • supports
    • http
    • TLS/SSL (https)
      • disabling trust CA check (insecured)
    • time to live (timeout)
    • required interface (required)

supports GET method only

verified circumvents ATS

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