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Swift library for stubbing and mocking in unit tests
.package(url: "https://github.com/polac24/StubKit.git", from: "0.1.6")


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StubKit provides a set of functions that speed up a process of creation of Swift stubs/mocks. It's goal is to require minimal amount of developer's work in mock creation while leveraging Swift's type system type integrity for safety without meta programming nor any code-generation.

Stubs created using StubKit provide :

  • a full introspection of function calls
  • passed arguments
  • control to declarativly specify its return value(s)
  • verify mock's expectations (synchronous and asynchronous)


// Implementation target: Sample protocol
protocol Database {
  func addUser(name: String) -> Int
  func addAccount(givenName: String, lastName: String) throws -> Int

// Test target: mock creation
class DatabaseStub: Database {    
  lazy var addUserAction = stub(of: addUser)  
  func addUser(name: String) -> Int {     
    return addUserAction(name)    
  lazy var addAccountAction = stub(of: addAccount)  
  func addAccount(givenName: String, lastName: String) throws -> Int {
    return try addAccountAction((givenName, lastName))    

// Test target, testcase Arange
let databaseStub = DatabaseStub()

Calls and arguments verification:

let addUserSpy = spyCalls(of: &databaseStub.addUserAction)
let addAccountSpy = spyCalls(of: &databaseStub.addAccountAction)

databaseStub.addUser(name: "User1") // return 0 (Int's default)
try databaseStub.addAccount(givenName: "John", lastName: "Appleseed") // returns 0

XCTAssertEqual(addUserSpy, ["User1"])
XCTAssertEqual(addAccountSpy.count, 1)
XCTAssertEqual(addAccountSpy[0]?.0, "John")
XCTAssertEqual(addAccountSpy[0]?.1, "Appleseed")

Control return value on fly

setupStubSequence(of: &databaseStub.addUserAction).returns(11)
setupStubSequence(of: &databaseStub.addAccountAction)

databaseStub.addUser(name: "User2") // return 11
try databaseStub.addAccount(givenName: "John", lastName: "Appleseed") // returns 1
try databaseStub.addAccount(givenName: "John", lastName: "Appleseed") // throws `DatabseError.ioError`

Synchronous mock verification

let user3Squence = setupStubSequence(of: &databaseStub.addUserAction)
let user3TwiceSquence = setupStubSequence(of: &databaseStub.addUserAction)
let appleseedSquence = setupStubSequence(of: &databaseStub.addAccountAction)
databaseStub.addUser(name: "User3") // return 0
try databaseStub.addAccount(givenName: "John", lastName: "Appleseed") // returns 99
try databaseStub.addAccount(givenName: "Tim", lastName: "Appleseed") // returns 99

SKTVerify(user3Squence) // ✅
SKTVerify(user3TwiceSquence) // 🛑
SKTVerify(appleseedSquence) // ✅
XCTAssert(appleseedSquence.verify()) // ✅ - equivalent to SKTVerify(appleseedSquence)

Asynchronous mock verification

setupStubSequence(of: &databaseStub.addUserAction)
    .attach(expectation(description: "User3 added once"))
setupStubSequence(of: &databaseStub.addAccountAction)
    .attach(expectation(description: "John added once"))
DispatchQueue.global(qos: .background).async {
    databaseStub.addUser(name: "User3") // return 0
    try? databaseStub.addAccount(givenName: "John", lastName: "Appleseed") // returns 100
    try? databaseStub.addAccount(givenName: "Tim", lastName: "Appleseed") // returns 99

waitForExpectations(timeout: 0.1) //✅

Full API Documentation

For API documentation, see external document: API Documentation


Swift StubKit
4.2, 5.0 ~> 0.1

StubKit does not introduce any changes between Swift 4.2 and Swift 5.0


Swift Package Manager

To depend on the StubKit package, you need to declare your dependency in your Package.swift:

.package(url: "https://github.com/polac24/StubKit.git",  from: "0.1.0")

and to your application/library target, add "StubKit" to your dependencies.


Add the following line to your Cartfile:

github "polac24/StubKit" ~> 0.1

For detailed instruction to integrate carthage dependency, see Carthage


StubKit is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add StubKit dependency for your testing target, like:

target 'StubKitExampleTests' do
    inherit! :search_paths
    pod 'StubKit'


Bartosz Polaczyk, polac24@gmail.com


StubKit is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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