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OPML is a Swift package for parsing and creating OPML files.

This package aims to create an opinionated, but strongly-typed and correct implementation of the OPML spec. For instance, the OPML spec defines some rarely-used properties related to the internal state of a hypothetical desktop application, like vertScrollState and windowTop, which this implementation deems unnecessary and omits.


Parsing OPML files

You can use OPML with either a file URL or data:

import OPML

let parser = try OPMLParser(file: fileURL)
let opml = try parser.parse() // OPML(version: "2.0", title: Optional("Feedly"), ...

// or, with data you’ve downloaded:

let parser = try OPMLParser(data)
let opml = try parser.parse() // OPML(version: "2.0", title: Optional("Feedly"), ...

Creating and exporting OPML files

Create an OPML model from a list of RSS feed entries (or anything else, really).

OPML provides the xml property and xml(indented: Bool) function to export a string containing your rendered OPML XML.

import OPML

let rssFeeds = [...] // your RSS feed models

let opml = OPML(title: "RSS Feeds", entries: rssFeeds.map { feed -> OPMLEntry in
    OPMLEntry(rss: feed.url, title: feed.title)
let xml = opml.xml
// <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><opml version="2.0"><head><title>RSS Feeds...



dependencies: [
    .package(name: "OPML", url: "https://github.com/pixel-foundry/opml", from: "0.0.1")
targets: [
    .target(name: "YourTarget", dependencies: ["OPML"])


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