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SSDP client for Swift

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SSDP client for Swift using the Swift Package Manager. Works on iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and Linux.


GitHub spm

SSDPClient is available through Swift Package Manager. To install it, add the following line to your Package.swift dependencies:

.package(url: "https://github.com/pierrickrouxel/SSDPClient.git", from: "0.2.1")


SSDPClient can be used to discover SSDP devices and services :

import SSDPClient

class ServiceDiscovery {
    let client = SSDPDiscovery()

    init() {
        self.client.delegate = self

To handle the discovery implement the SSDPDiscoveryDelegate protocol :

extension ServiceDiscovery: SSDPDiscoveryDelegate {
    func ssdpDiscovery(_: SSDPDiscovery, didDiscoverService: SSDPService) {
        // ...


SSDPDiscovery provides two instance methods to discover services :

  • discoverService(forDuration duration: TimeInterval = 10, searchTarget: String = "ssdp:all") - Discover SSDP services for a duration.

  • stop() - Stop the discovery before the end.


The SSDPDiscoveryDelegate protocol defines delegate methods that you should implement when using SSDPDiscovery discover tasks :

  • func ssdpDiscovery(_ discovery: SSDPDiscovery, didDiscoverService service: SSDPService) - Tells the delegate a requested service has been discovered.

  • func ssdpDiscovery(_ discovery: SSDPDiscovery, didFinishWithError error: Error) - Tells the delegate that the discovery ended due to an error.

  • func ssdpDiscoveryDidStart(_ discovery: SSDPDiscovery) - Tells the delegate that the discovery has started.

  • func ssdpDiscoveryDidFinish(_ discovery: SSDPDiscovery) - Tells the delegate that the discovery has finished.


SSDPService is the discovered service. It contains the following attributes :

  • host: String - The host of service
  • location: String? - The value of LOCATION header
  • server: String? - The value of SERVER header
  • searchTarget: String? - The value of ST header
  • uniqueServiceName: String? - The value of USN header


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