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penthera/Download2Go-ios v4.3.1
Penthera's Download2Go iOS SDK enables best-in-class video download and playback solutions for a wide variety of content providers.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/penthera/Download2Go-ios.git", from: "v4.3.1")

Penthera Download2Go™ SDK

Our mission is to let viewers watch whenever, wherever they want.

Penthera develops and deploys software products facilitating the delivery of TV shows, movies, and other video content over wireless networks to mobile devices. Penthera’s customers have included network providers, content owners, network operators, device manufacturers and other entities that need to deliver media content securely, reliably, and verifiably to their customers and employees. Penthera’s software is installed on millions of mobile devices, is protected by a portfolio of U.S. patents, and has powered billions of video downloads on Apple and Android mobile devices.

Customers use Penthera’s software in their apps, allowing them to access the following features:

  • Download2Go: Add video "download and play later" functionality to an existing streaming app.
  • Subscriptions: Automatically push consumer-selected content to mobile devices.
  • FastPlay™ Streaming: Let mobile video app users launch videos the instant they hit play, with no buffering.
  • PushMarketing: Deliver branded videos directly to the user’s device.

Product Details

Core Features

The SDK offers an extensive range of capabilities. Check out the Client Developers' Guides in this repository for a general overview, or the detailed documentation in docs for a more complete review.

At a glance, the SDK enables:

  • Turbo Downloading: Our blazing-fast engine downloads a wide range of video formats faster than any other solution currently available.
  • Background Download: Download2Go initiates and continues download even when the app is not running.
  • Configurable Business Rules: Our engine enables customers or end users to set key business rules including: battery level cutoff, network usage, max storage, content windowing, etc. Please note some features are not available on all operating systems.
  • PushMarketing & Subscriptions: You can use the SDK to "push" new TV shows, movies, or other videos to your end-users' mobile devices in the background.

Getting Started

This repository contains the Download2Go SDK binaries, along with a sample application (with source code) that demonstrates how to use the SDK. A complete startup guide is included in the Client Developers' Guide documentation for each operating system.

See the Tutorials folders for getting started source code.

Official SDK Locations

In order to compile the demo app, you will need to obtain a public/private key pair, which enables the SDK and provides access to our backplane server for a trial period. Please contact Penthera Support to obtain these keys.


Penthera's Download2Go SDK is licensed for production use under commercial terms. Please contact Penthera Sales to request terms.


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Release Notes

Version 4.3.1 Release
6 weeks ago

Version 4.3.1 Release. Please see release notes.

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