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SidebarMenu Component for iOS application


Version 1.1.0

Below are the details to configure SideMenu into your project

Step 1) Go to Xcode > File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependancy > Paste the git URL "https://github.com/pankajtalreja2503/PTSideBarMenu.git"

Step 2)

///Import Library:
    import PTSideBarMenu

Step 3)
Define Properties which is neccessary for Library

/// Controls display of sidebar
            @State private var hideSidebar = true

/// to keep track of Selected Index
            @State private var selectedIndex = 0

/// Items to configure
            var items = [PTSideBarModel(withtitle: "Profile", image: Image(systemName: "person")), PTSideBarModel(withtitle: "Home", image: Image(systemName: "person")), PTSideBarModel(withtitle: "Configure Items", imageName: "person"),PTSideBarModel(withtitle: "Row 4", image: Image(systemName: "person"))]

/// Set seperator design
            let divider: DividerDesigns = .ZigZag

/// define configuration 
        var configuration: PTSiderBarConfiguration?

Step 4) Configuration object need to initialise and create the enviornment object of it so that subviews can use property of this object for configuring the Menus

init() {
    self.configuration = try! PTSiderBarConfiguration(dividerdesign: divider, items: items)

Step 5) In Body property include Structure PTSideBarMenu object to show and hide the Side Bar. In content view: Define the view you want to show in the screen. Below are the example how to initiate the sideBar

PTSideBarMenu(selectedRow: { (index) in
                   selectedIndex = index

}, contentView: AnyView(Text(items[selectedIndex].title ?? "No Values")), hideSideBar: $hideSidebar).environmentObject(configuration!)
                        Button("Tap", action: {

Configuration present at the moment:

  1. Select The border design .ZigZag or Straight

  2. List of Items which need to display let sideBarItems: [PTSideBarModel]

  3. Set Hide sidebar @Binding public var hideSideBar: Bool

  4. Selected Items from the Menu public var selectedRow = 0

  5. Set Backgroud Color of Row public var backgroudColorOfRow: Color = . accentColor

  6. Set Backgroud Color of Menu public var backgroundColorOfMenu: Color = .accentColor

  7. Set Text Color of Menu public var menuTextColor: Color = .white

  8. Set ZigZag Pattern Height public var zigZagHeight:CGFloat = 5

  9. Set ZigZag Pattern width public var zigZagWidth: CGFloat = 40

This is the 1st version of this library & there are many changes has been planned to include in it.

Feel free to reach out to me on my below email id - phtalrejaios@gmail.com

Sample gif file:

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& for sample code please visit:



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