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p-x9/IndirectlyCodable 0.0.1
indirectly `Codable` protocol
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.package(url: "https://github.com/p-x9/IndirectlyCodable.git", from: "0.0.1")


Protocol for indirect Codable(Encodable, Decodable) conformance




Direct Codable conforming type aliases. Must conform to ObjectConvertiblyCodable described below.

typealias Target = CALayerModel


Get a Codable object.


When making a class conform to this protocol, it is not possible to create additional aliases to the Target type in the inherited class. Therefore, you must use this property to get the class with NSClassFromString.

public class var codableTypeName: String {
    String(reflecting: Target.self)



Alias of the type to be represented

typealias Target = CALayer

applyProperties to Target

Apply the value of a property of confidence to the target object. Using this library named p-x9/KeyPathValue, you can create a propertyMap as follows.

let propertyMap: [PartialKeyPath<CALayerModel>: ReferenceWritableKeyPathValueApplier<CALayer>] = [
        \.bounds: .init(\.bounds),
         \.position: .init(\.position),
         \.frame: .init(\.frame),
         \.backgroundColor: .init(\.backgroundColor),
         \.cornerRadius: .init(\.cornerRadius),
         \.borderWidth: .init(\.borderWidth),
         \.borderColor: .init(\.borderColor)

func applyProperties(to target: CALayer) {
    Self.propertyMap.forEach { keyPath, applier in
        var value = self[keyPath: keyPath]
        if let convertible = value as? (any ObjectConvertiblyCodable),
            let converted = convertible.converted() {
            value = converted
        applier.apply(value, target)

reverseApplyProperties with Target

Apply values from the target object to its own properties.


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