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p-x9/CocoaUI 0.2.0
☕️ Obtain and customize UIKit/Cocoa objects from SwiftUI components.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/p-x9/CocoaUI.git", from: "0.2.0")


Obtain and customize UIKit/Cocoa objects from SwiftUI components.

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For example, Slider uses UISlider internally. Therefore, it can be customized by directly referencing the UISlider object as follows.

 Slider(value: $value)
    .cocoa { slider in // UISider
        slider.setThumbImage(.init(systemName: "swift"), for: .normal)



For components conforming to the protocol named DefaultCocoaViewBridging, you can get UIKit/Cocoa objects as follows. DefaultCocoaViewBridging gets the UIView object from SwiftUI.View. In contrast, DefaultCocoaControllerBridging gets the UIViewController object.
The CocoaBriding protocol defines a DefaultCocoaType.   For example, for Toggle, the DefaultCocoaType is UISwitch(iOS).   It can be handled as follows

 Toggle("Hello", isOn: .constant(true))
    .cocoa { `switch` in
        `switch`.onTintColor = .red

Specify type

However, if the ToggleStyle is set to Button, UIButton is used internally instead of UISwitch. For such cases, it is also possible to retrieve the data by specifying the type as follows.

Toggle("Hello", isOn: .constant(true))
    .cocoa(for: UIButton.self) { button in
       button.layer.borderWidth = 1

The method of specifying the type is defined in SwiftUI.View's and does not need to conform to the DefaultCocoaViewBridging or DefaultCocoaControllerBridging protocols. If the specified type is not found, the closure will not be called.

Support additional component

extension XXView: DefaultCocoaViewBridging { // confirms `DefaultCocoaViewBridging`
    public typealias DefaultCocoaViewType = XXCocoaView // UIKit/Cocoa type

extension YYView: DefaultCocoaViewControllerBridging { // confirms `DefaultCocoaViewControllerBridging`
    public typealias DefaultCocoaControllerType = YYCocoaViewController // UIKit/Cocoa type

LifeCycle Event Modifiers

In some View lifecycle events, a modifier is provided to retrieve the obtained UIKit/Cocoa object. As an example, the following code hides the tabBar on push and redisplays it on pop.

TabView {
    NavigationView {
        List(0..<100) { i in
            NavigationLink {
                Text("Detail: \(i)")
                    .cocoa(for: CocoaViewController.self) { vc in
                    .onViewWillAppear { vc in
                        // Hide TabBar
                        vc?.tabBarController?.tabBar.isHidden = true
                    .onViewWillDisappear { vc in
                        // Show TabBar
                        vc?.tabBarController?.tabBar.isHidden = false
            } label: {
                Text("Row: \(i)")

The following modifiers are available.

  • onViewWillAppear
  • onViewDidLoad
  • onViewWillDisappear
  • onViewDidDisAppear

SwiftUI and Cocoa correspondence table

This may vary depending on the operating system and usage conditions.

SwiftUI style UIKit(iOS) Cocoa(macOS) UIKit(tvOS)
ScrollView - UIScrollView NSScrollView UIScrollView
List - UICollectionView(>=iOS16) UITableView(<iOS16) NSTableView UITableView
Form - UICollectionView(>=iOS16) UITableView(<iOS16) ? UITableView
TextField - UITextField NSTextField UITextField
SecureField - UITextField NSTextField UITextField
Slider - UISlider NSSlider -
Stepper - UIStepper NSStepper -
Picker Wheel UIPickerView NSButton -
Inline UIPickerView ? UISegmentedControl
Segmented UISegmentedControl NSSegmentedControl UISegmentedControl
Menu ? NSButton -
DatePicker - UIDatePicker NSDatePicker -
MultiDatePicker - UICalendarView - -
ColorPicker - UIColorWell NSColorWell -
Toggle .switch UISwitch NSSwitch -
.button UIButton NSButton -
.checkbox - NSButton -
TextEditor - UITextView NSTextView -
Button - - NSButton -
ProgressView .linear UIProgressView NSProgressIndicator UIProgressView
.circular UIActivityIndicatorView NSProgressIndicator UIActivityIndicatorView
TabView - UITabBarController NSTabView UITabBarController
NavigationView DoubleColumn UISplitViewController NSSplitView -
Stack UINavigationController - UINavigationController
NavigationStack - UINavigationController ? UINavigationController
NavgationSplitView - UISplitViewController NSSplitView -


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Release Notes

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What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/p-x9/CocoaUI/compare/0.1.0...0.2.0

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