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otaviocc/MicroPinboardAPI 2.1.0
MicroPinboard is a Pinboard API wrapper, written in Swift using async/await
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.package(url: "https://github.com/otaviocc/MicroPinboardAPI.git", from: "2.1.0")


MicroPinboard is a Pinboard API wrapper, written in Swift using async/await.

public protocol PinboardAPIFactoryProtocol {
    func makePinboardAPIClient(
        userToken: @escaping () -> String?
    ) -> NetworkClientProtocol

The network client takes a single parameter: userToken: @escaping () -> String?, where the user token is passed to the client and is dynamically evaluated when needed (useful in those case where the network client is initialized before the user is asked to provide the token).

let factory = PinboardAPIFactory()

let client = factory.makePinboardAPIClient {

Network requests are also built by factories, returning strongly-typed request objects:

// NetworkRequest<VoidRequest, DatesResponse>
let recentsRequest = PostsAPIFactory.makeDatesRequest()

The network client takes a single parameter, the request, returning NetworkResponse

public protocol NetworkClientProtocol {
    func run<RequestModel, ResponseModel>(
        _ networkRequest: NetworkRequest<RequestModel, ResponseModel>
    ) async throws -> NetworkResponse<ResponseModel>


let recentsRequest = PostsAPIFactory.makeRecentRequest()
let recentsResponse = try await client.run(recentsRequest)


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