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oscbyspro/AwesomeNumbersKit v4.0.2
Large number arithmetic in Swift
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🕓 20 weeks ago
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.package(url: "https://github.com/oscbyspro/AwesomeNumbersKit.git", from: "v4.0.2")


Large number arithmetic in Swift.

Package Swift iOS iPadOS Mac Catalyst macOS tvOS watchOS
4.0.2 5.8 16.4 16.4 16.4 13.3 16.4 9.4

[!IMPORTANT] The development of this project has moved over to Numberick.

ANKCoreKit (Sources, Tests, Benchmarks)

Models, protocols, extensions and utilities underpinning this package.


ANKFullWidthKit (Sources, Tests, Benchmarks)

A composable, large, fixed-width, two's complement, binary integer.

:two_hearts:Two's Complement
:european_castle:Fixed Width Integer
:book:Trivial UInt Collection
:rocket:Single Digit Arithmetic
typealias  Int256 = ANKFullWidth< Int128, UInt128>
typealias UInt256 = ANKFullWidth<UInt128, UInt128>

ANKSignedKit (Sources, Tests, Benchmarks)

A decorative, width agnostic, sign-and-magnitude, numeric integer.

:ringed_planet:Sign & Magnitude
:rocket:Single Digit Arithmetic
typealias Magnitude = UInt
let min = ANKSigned(Magnitude.max, as: FloatingPointSign.minus)
let max = ANKSigned(Magnitude.max, as: FloatingPointSign.plus )

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Numberick is a more pragmatic solution to the same problem.


Stars: 7
Last commit: 6 weeks ago
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Release Notes

20 weeks ago

Some improvements ported from Numberick.

  • #151 Improved Int strides
  • #150 isPowerOf2 should not return true for signed min
  • #149 Single perfect radix encoding specialization

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