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orlandos-nl/Citadel 0.2.1
SSH Client & Server in Swift
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.package(url: "https://github.com/orlandos-nl/Citadel.git", from: "0.2.1")


Citadel is a high level API around NIOSSH. It aims to add what's out of scope for NIOSSH, lending code from my private tools.

It features the following helpers:

  • ☑ TCP-IP forwarding child channels
  • ☑ Basic SFTP Client
  • ☑ TTY support
  • ☑ SSH Key format parsing

Read the docs


If you have any questions, join the Discord

Supporting Older Cryptography

If you need deprecated crypto support, you can enable Citadel's (or custom) algorithms like so. This is a global setting and needs to happen before connecting.

    publicKey: Insecure.RSA.PublicKey.self,
    signature: Insecure.RSA.Signature.self

NIOSSHAlgorithms.register(transportProtectionScheme: AES128CTR.self)
NIOSSHAlgorithms.register(keyExchangeAlgorithm: DiffieHellmanGroup14Sha1.self)

SSH Proxy for MongoKitten

// - MARK: Fill these in:
let eventloop: EventLoop

// E.G. example.com
let sshHost: String

// Password or public key
let sshCredentials: SSHAuthenticationMethod

// Accept anything, custom validator or predefined keys
let hostKeyValidator: SSHHostKeyValidator

// Use a custom Mongo Connection builder
let pool = MongoSingleConnectionPool(
    eventLoop: eventLoop, 
    // Provide an authenticationSource, as defined by MongoDB. If unknown, likely `admin`
    authenticationSource: settings.authenticationSource ?? "admin",
    // Provide MongoKitten credentials
    credentials: settings.authentication
) { eventLoop in
    // Create a connection boot
        sshHost: sshHost,
        authenticationMethod: sshAuthenticationMethod,
        hostKeyValidator: hostKeyValidator
    ).flatMap { sshClient in
        // The address that is presented as the locally exposed interface
        // This is purely communicated to the SSH server
        let address: SocketAddress
        do {
            address = try SocketAddress(ipAddress: "fe80::1", port: 27017)
        } catch {
            return sshChannel.eventLoop.makeFailedFuture(SSHClientError.invalidOriginAddress)
        return sshClient.createDirectTCPIPChannel(
            using: SSHChannelType.DirectTCPIP(
                targetHost: "localhost", // MongoDB host 
                targetPort: 27017, // MongoDB port
                originatorAddress: address
    }.flatMap { childChannel in
        MongoConnection.addHandlers(to: childChannel, context: context)


A couple of code is held back until further work in SwiftNIO SSH is completed.


I'm happy to accept ideas and PRs for new API's.


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