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A R package to handle utilities for geospatial processing

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RFigisGeo-0.3 - Feb 14, 2018

RFigisGeo-0.2 - Apr 2, 2014

The package includes:

  • a generic algorithm for Spatial Data Reallocation (SPREAD)
  • support of geometryless data in readWFS
  • a fix for exportFeatures function (GML output format)
  • a unit test approach for the existing functions

Details at: https://github.com/openfigis/RFigisGeo/wiki/Change-History#rfigisgeo-02

RFigisGeo-0.1 - Dec 13, 2013

A first tag for RFigisGeo v0.1 The package includes few functionalities:


  • method findP4s. Method used internally in readWFS to try to create CRS sp object according to the srsName attribute syntax. In case of text (e.g. GCS_WGS_84), the method scans reference systems WKT definitions to find a match and assign appropriate CRS object.
  • method readWFS to read data from WFS (for now requires a long/lat axis ordering, WFS 2.0 not supported)
  • method exportFeatures (to export data to known format, for now: GML and SHAPE-ZIP)


  • method to perform intersection beween 2 feature collections. The algorithm also includes areaCRS parameter to allow calculating intersecting areas with custom Spatial Reference System.