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onurhuseyincantay/Hover 1.0.10
Async network layer with Combine
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.package(url: "https://github.com/onurhuseyincantay/Hover.git", from: "1.0.10")

Version 1.0.10

apmCocoaPods compatible Carthage compatible Swift Package Manager compatible Swift

Currently Available

Platform Version
iOS 12.0
tvOS 10.0
macOS 10.15
watchOS 3.0
macCatalyst 13.0

Hover is a Network layer which uses Apple's new framework Combine and provides async network calls with different kind of request functions.

Why and When to Use

The main benefit to use Hover is to abstract the networking layer as much as possible and remove redunant code from your projects as we know Apple announced a new framework called Combine the main goal is to provide a declarative Swift API for processing values over time. These values can represent many kinds of asynchronous events, so networking calls are the most important async events, which actually needs to have a support for Combine to prevent and integrate Apple's native framework. Why you shouldnt use is when you dont have that much networking calls and also not so complex data flows to keep track on which means actually that you dont have states for the UI then dont use it. :)

Cocoapods Installation

target 'MyApp' do
  pod 'HoverKitSDK', "~> 1.0.10"

Carthage Installation

github "onurhuseyincantay/Hover" ~> 1.0.10

if you are using Xcode 12 there are additional steps to take:

  1. create a carthage.sh file
  2. add the following code
set -euo pipefail

xcconfig=$(mktemp /tmp/static.xcconfig.XXXXXX)
trap 'rm -f "$xcconfig"' INT TERM HUP EXIT

# For Xcode 12 (beta 3+) make sure EXCLUDED_ARCHS is set to arm architectures otherwise
# the build will fail on lipo due to duplicate architectures.
echo 'EXCLUDED_ARCHS__EFFECTIVE_PLATFORM_SUFFIX_simulator__NATIVE_ARCH_64_BIT_x86_64__XCODE_1200 = arm64 arm64e armv7 armv7s armv6 armv8' >> $xcconfig

export XCODE_XCCONFIG_FILE="$xcconfig"
carthage build "$@"

  1. use chmod +x carthage.sh to make it executable
  2. rather than running carthage run ./carthage.sh { any carthage command you need }

Swift Package Manager Installation

Package branch

Sample Usage

Provide Target

 enum UserTarget {
  case login(email: String, password: String) 
 extension UserTarget: NetworkTarget { 
    var path: String {
        switch self {
    var providerType: AuthProviderType {
    var baseURL: URL {
    var methodType: MethodType {
        switch self {
    var contentType: ContentType? {
        switch self {
    var workType: WorkType {
        switch self {
    var headers: [String : String]? {

Request With Publisher

let provider = Hover()
let publisher = provider.request(
            with: UserTarget.login(email: "ohc3807@gmail.com", password: "123456"),
            scheduler: DispatchQueue.main,
            class: UserModel.self
publisher.sink({ ... })

Request With Subscriber

let provider = Hover()
let userSubscriber = UserSubscriber()
provider.request(with: UserTarget.login(email: "ohc3807@gmail.com", password: "123456"), class: UserModel.self, subscriber: userSubscriber)

Tested with JsonPlaceholder Inspired By Moya Developed with 🧡


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Release Notes

Minor bug fixes and reverting configurations.
40 weeks ago

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