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onekiloparsec/KPCTabsControl 4.0.2
A macOS control for tabs with enhanced capabilities, and styles: Safari, Chrome and custom ones.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/onekiloparsec/KPCTabsControl.git", from: "4.0.2")



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A multi-tabs control first designed to look and behave like the tab control in Apple's Numbers spreadsheet, with enhanced capabilities, but now with new tab styles, such as Chrome & Safari, as well as custom ones.

On master, you'll find the latest Swift 5 releases.

  • If you need to stay with Swift 4, switch to the swift-4.2 branch.
  • If you need to stay with Swift 3, switch to the swift-3.1 branch.
  • If you need to stay with Swift 2, switch to the swift-2.2 branch.

Demo Tabs Screenshot

KPCTabsControl provides the following features:

  • Custom styles and themes! Default (Numbers.app-like), Chrome and Safari are provided. But you can easily write your own!
  • Styles & themes comprise title styles, title editor style, (un)selected/unselectable backgrounds, borders, colors, fonts etc.
  • Common dataSource/delegate Cocoa APIs
  • Tabs can span the whole view width, or be flexible inside min&max.
  • Tabs can be reordered, and renamed in place.
  • When provided, the title can be replaced by an alternative icon when the width is too narrow for the title to be drawn.

Demo Auxiliary Icons


The documentation generated from the code itself is available at http://onekiloparsec.github.io/KPCTabsControl.


Using Carthage: add github "onekiloparsec/KPCTabsControl" to your Cartfile and then run carthage update.

Using CocoaPods: pod 'KPCTabsControl'.


KPCTabsControl is designed for you to use only the KPCTabsControl class, and its associated data source methods. Simply place a NSView in a xib, where you need tabs, change its class to KPCTabsControl and assign its dataSource property. Then implement the data source methods in your controller.

You can also assign a delegate if you want to play with the editing and the reordering of the tab titles.


Cédric Foellmi (@onekiloparsec)
Christian Tietze (@ctietze)


KPCTabsControl is licensed under the MIT license and hosted on GitHub at https://github.com/onekiloparsec/KPCTabsControl/ Fork the project and feel free to send pull requests with your changes!


Stars: 167
Last commit: 3 weeks ago
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Release Notes

Swift 4 + 2 important fixes
5 years ago

The lib version matches that of the Swift langage. Hence the move from 3 to 4, despite having only small changes.

But #33 is fixed, and you can now add tabs on the flyw without problems. And more importantly, they appear correctly, since another bug hidden by that first one, is also fixed.

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