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omochi/CodableToTypeScript 2.11.0
Generate typescript code for typing JSON from Swift Codable.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/omochi/CodableToTypeScript.git", from: "2.11.0")


Generate typescript code for typing JSON from Swift Codable.

Live Demo


This demo site runs CodableToTypeScript on your browser locally by swiftwasm technology. Its also built by CodableToTypeScript, and WasmCallableKit. See source code.

Usage and Example

See test cases.

Development guide


It needs nodejs and typescript for testing.

$ brew install node
$ npm install -g typescript

See below for details.


Test cases generate typescript codes and build them to check generated codes validity. For invocating typescript compiler, it uses $ npx tsc. So you need to install typescript on host globally.

You can skip this step by defining SKIP_TSC environment variable.


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Release Notes

Upgrade SwiftTypeReader and SwiftSyntax
4 weeks ago

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