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A program for periodically updating Wilt user's play histories.

This is intended to run on AWS Lambda using CloudWatch to trigger updates.

Running tests

swift test


To build a packaged zip that contains the built program, run:


This will create a zip called WiltCollector.zip in deploy/. This can then be uploaded to S3 and connected to Lambda. index.js is the Lambda handler and currently logs all output from the Swift program and the handler returns an empty string on completion.

You'll need to copy your credentials file at $GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS to deploy/credentials.json.

AWS Setup


You'll need to set environment variables BIGQUERY_PROJECT_ID, SPOTIFY_CLIENT_ID and SPOTIFY_CLIENT_SECRET in the Lambda console. NOTE: BIGQUERY_PROJECT_ID is now also used for the Firebase project ID, so you'll need to ensure these exist under the same project within Google Cloud. These should be separated into separate environment variables at some point soon.


You'll need to create a BigQuery table called wilt_play_history.play_history.


You'll need to create a table called users.

Table Columns

play_history (BigQuery): user_id, date, artists, name, primary_artist, track_id

users (FireStore): access_token, expires_at, refresh_token


  • Some sort of exponential backoff if requests start failing (in case Spotify bans me)