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oe/SwiftKit 0.2.2
useful extensions for swift
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🕓 3 weeks ago
iOS macOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/oe/SwiftKit.git", from: "0.2.2")


A swift package for personal use(updating while my swift skills improving)

available for > macOS12 and > iOS15


click menu File -> Add Packages..., then input https://github.com/oe/SwiftKit


URLSession in Javascript Fetch style

let resp = try await HTTPRequest.fetch("http://www.google.com/")
// with text encoding well handled
let html = resp.text()!

struct UserMeta: Decodable {
  var page: Int
  var per_page: Int
  var total: Int
  var total_pages: Int

let resp2 = try await HTTPRequest.fetch("https://reqres.in/api/users", .init(qs: ["page": "1", "per_page": "3"]))
let userMeta: UserMeta = try resp2.json()


convert hex int to Color

let color = Color(hex: 0x123123)


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