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.package(url: "https://github.com/nugu-developers/nugu-ios.git", from: "1.5.1")


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  • iOS 12.0+ (v1.3.0 or more) iOS 10.0+ (less than v1.3.0)
  • Xcode 11.0+
  • Swift 5.1+


NUGU SDK for iOS is composed of following Libraries

  • NuguCore - Main Framework of NUGU SDK, which has implementation of core functions such as network management, data transmission, media control, etc
  • NuguAgents - The Framework which includes built-in capability-agents.
  • NuguClientKit - The Framework for initializing essential components and inject dependency between components to use NUGU SDK
  • NuguLoginKit - The Framework for user authentication with OAuth2.0
  • NuguUIKit - The Framework for user interface components
  • NuguServiceKit - The Framework provides customized webview for NUGU service

Sample Application

weather music recipe


We have sample application in nugu-ios.xcodeproj.
To use it download or clone this repository, and run carthage update --platform iOS to install required frameworks.
Open nugu-ios.xcodeproj and you can run it through SampleApp scheme.

See also

Unfortunately, we still have some step to use sample application. For more information, See the How to use sample application.



Each components of NUGU SDK for iOS is available through CocoaPods.
To install it for easy use, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'NuguClientKit'


NUGU SDK for iOS is available through Carthage.
To install it, add the following line to your Cartfile:

github "nugu-developers/nugu-ios"

Then run carthage update --platform iOS.
If your application is first time adopting carthage, you'll need to set additional steps.
For more information, See the Carthage for Application


Get Started

Using NUGU SDK for iOS is easy after some setup. Here are some basic examples for some capability-agent.

Initialize & Enable

Before using NUGU SDK for iOS, enable to nugu when using NuguClientKit. like this:

class SomeClass: NuguClientDelegate {
    let client = NuguClient(delegate: self)

Using ASRAgent (Automatic Speech Recognition Agent)

client.asrAgent.startRecognition(initiator: .user)

See also

For more information, See the How to use NUGU SDK for iOS


The contents of this repository is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.

See Also

Please visit Nugu Developers Guide page


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Release Notes

[hotfix] 0.30.3
22 weeks ago

Released on 2021-04-13



  • Add top margin to display web view presenter (#814)

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