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Confirm Modal

Admin Panel includes a generic confirmation modal for links, out of the box. Using HTML data attributes on <a>-tags the modal can be configured in different ways. Just add a data attribute to your link and you're all set.

Triggering the modal will append a HTML-element form to the DOM, containing title, text, confirm button and dismiss button.

By default confirm submits the form and dismiss will remove the HTML-element from the DOM

Basic usage

<a href="#" data-confirm="true">Open modal</a>

Data Attributes

|Attribute|Description|example| |---------|-----------|-------| |data-confirm|Initialize the modal|data-confirm="true"| |data-title|Sets the title of the modal|data-title="Please confirm"| |data-text|Sets the text of the modal|data-text="Are you sure you want to continue?"| |data-button|Sets bootstrap css selector for the confirm button|data-button="danger" [primary,secondary,success,danger,warning,info,light,dark]| |data-confirm-btn|Set the text label on the "confirm"-button|data-confirm-btn="Yes"| |data-dismiss-btn|Set the text label on the "dismiss"-button|data-confirm-btn="No"|

Override default behavior

// Override modal confirm action
modalConfirmation.actions.confirm = function(event) {

// Overríde modal dismiss action
modalConfirmation.actions.dismiss = function(event) {

Leaf tags

Admin panel comes with a variety of leaf tags for generating certain HTML/js elements


Use user image or fallback to Adorable avatars

|Parameter|Type|Description| |---------|----|-----------| |email|String| user's email| |url|String|image url|

Example usage

<img src="#adminPanel:avatarURL(user.email, user.avatarURL)" alt="Profile picture" class="img-thumbnail" width="40">


Convenience method to output configuration strings such as app or environment name or paths to certain templates

Supported input values and what they output

  • name: App name
  • baseURL: App base URL
  • sidebarMenuPath: Path to sidebar menu view template
  • dashboardPath: Path to dashboard view template
  • environment: Environment name

|Parameter|Type|Description| |---------|----|-----------| |configName|String| Config variable name|

Example usage

<!-- outputs app name ->


Outputs a field on the current user object as a string

|Parameter|Type|Description| |---------|----|-----------| |fieldName|String| User field name|

Example usage

<!-- outputs user's name ->


Make sure user has required role to output element. If not throws an error.

|Parameter|Type|Description| |---------|----|-----------| |roleName|String| User role|

Example usage

#adminPanel:user:requireRole("superAdmin") {
    <div>I show if user is super admin</div>


Check if user has a required role

|Parameter|Type|Description| |---------|----|-----------| |roleName|String| User role|

Example usage

#if(adminPanel:user:hasRequiredRole("superAdmin")) {
    // Do something
} else {
    // Do something else


Renders a header, styled in a certain way, for the navigation sidebar.

Example usage

#adminPanel:sidebar:heading() { Super Admin }


Renders a sidebar menu item, styled in a certain way, for the navigation sidebar.

|Parameter|Type|Description| |---------|----|-----------| |url|String| Menu item link reference| |icon|String| Feather icon for menu item| |activeURLPatterns|String| URL pattern to determine active state|

Example usage

#adminPanel:sidebar:menuItem("/admin/dashboard", "home", "/admin/dashboard*") { Home }


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2.0.0-rc7 - Sep 23, 2019


  • emails weren't checked for uniqueness when new users were created.

0.0.0 - Sep 16, 2019

2.0.0-rc.6 - Sep 6, 2019


  • Removed favicon reference to missing asset


  • Added image examples of admin panel layout to readme docs
  • Added readme docs for leaf tags defined in package
  • Added leaf tag numberformat
  • Added user drop down menu


  • Jazzy docs updated

2.0.0-rc.5 - May 7, 2019


  • Fixed Swift 5 compiler warnings related to redundant access modifiers

2.0.0-rc.4 - Apr 16, 2019


  • AdminPanelUserRole now conform to CaseIterable