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Swift based data grid view.


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Swift based data grid component based on UICollectionView. SwiftGridView allows for quick and easy data grids that are fully customizable with powerful built in functionality.


Swift Grid View supports many of the expected features for a data grid in an easy to use package.

DataGrid Cell Types

  • Headers and Footers
  • Section Headers and Footers
  • Row Cells

Cell Selection

  • Full Row or Single Cell Selection
  • Multi selection
  • Header or Footer Selection

Additional Functionality

  • Sticky section headers
  • Frozen Columns and Rows
  • Grouped Headers
  • Pinch to expand size (experimental)


  • Xcode 10.0+
  • iOS 10.0+


Swift Package Manager

SwiftGridView is easily installed and managed using SPM.

  1. In Xcode navigate to FileSwift PackagesAdd Package Dependency...
  2. Paste the repo URL (https://github.com/nlampi/SwiftGridView.git) and click Next
  3. For the Rules either choose Up to Next Major for stable compatible releases or Branch master to remain up to date with the latest
  4. Click Finish


For installation with CocoaPods, add the pod information to your Podfile:

pod 'SwiftGridView', '~> 0.7'


For detailed examples of how to utilize, see the example projects.


Full documentation can be found here. Documentation generated using jazzy.


Copyright 2016 - 2021 Nathan Lampi

SwiftGridView is released under the MIT license.


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v0.7.5 - 2021-02-13T19:43:34

Fixes issue #61 where sticky rows were not offset correctly during scrolling when sticky section headers were disabled.