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A simple pure Swift way to parse Infinite Flight's navdata (.json and .dat) and airports (.dat)
.package(url: "https://github.com/nikitikinikitin/SwiftyNavdata.git", from: "V2.0.0")


SwiftyNavdata is a simple package to work with Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team's navdata formats and airports. It features support for both .json and .dat files, NavObject protocol which supplies the waypoint's name and location to simplify code writing, detailed airport data and protections against file anomalies.


Using SwiftyNavdata is as simple as calling one of it's intuitevily named static functions, like NavdataParser.decodeFixDat(yourUrl) or AirportParser.parseAirportWithNodes(yourUrl).

On DME support

DME doesn't work as of now, as I need to figure out code to distinguish between 2 different variants of them. As an example, it could be 12 47.43433300 -122.30630000 369 11030 18 0.000 ISNQ KSEA 16L DME-ILS or it could be 12 47.43538889 -122.30961111 354 11680 130 0.0 SEA SEATTLE VORTAC DME - as you can see, they require different parsing while being under the same row code. I will try to find a solution to this problem, but for now it is not a significant problem, since IF does not have them in-game.

Reporting Bugs

I've tested it on V37 build and it wen't well, but if you encounter any issues, you can always PM me on Discord or IFC.


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Release Notes

2.3.0 - parseAllAirportsMultithreaded can now self-determine the amount of threads
2 weeks ago

New: parseAllAirportsMultithreaded will now determine the best amount of threads to use if threads argument is set to nil.

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