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nicklockwood/SwiftFormat 0.51.11
A command-line tool and Xcode Extension for formatting Swift code
⭐️ 6,718
🕓 1 week ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
1 week ago
- Fixed unexpected static function error false positive in `redundantSelf` rule - Fixed failure to report lint error when removing a duplicate blank line at the end of the file - Fixed bug where `hoistTry` rule failed with more than 10 `try` expressions at the same scope level - Comments containing `TODO:` directives are no longer converted by the `docComments` rule
2 weeks ago
- Fixed bug in `wrapAttributes` rule due to `class` declaration being mistaken for class-scoped var - Fixed another case of incorrect indenting inside an `#ifdef` block - Fixed linebreaks being incorrectly removed by `sortedSwitchCases`
4 weeks ago
- Fixed `typeSugar` rule unwrapping Optional `some/any` without inserting required parentheses - Fixed indenting of function arguments inside an `#ifdef` block after a closing brace - Fixed comment directive state leaking between rules
5 weeks ago
- Fixed `redundantSelf` removing non-unwrapped weak `self` inside closures - Fixed `fileprivate` rule making `init` private when inherited by subclass in the same file - Fixed `hoistPatternLet` rule inserting `let` inside dictionary type literal - Fixed indenting for chained members inside conditional compilation blocks - Fixed `unusedArguments` incorrectly removing used argument after conditional compilation block - Improved `unusedArguments` rule error handling
7 weeks ago
- Fixed `redundantSelf` incorrectly inserting `self` for local variables declared in capture list - Fixed `blankLineAfterImports` rule inserting blank line before `@_spi` imports - Fixed `fileHeader` rule ignoring headers containing URLs
7 weeks ago
- Required `self` is now preserved in function bodies inside closures with `[weak self]` captures - Fixed bug with `hoistTry` inside chains of concatenated interpolated strings - Fixed indenting of dot-prefixed identifiers inside `#else` and `#elseif` blocks - Fixed parsing bug in `redundantSelf` rule
8 weeks ago
- Added `--baseconfig` option to replicate old `--config` behavior - Fixed `self` being incorrectly inserted inside capture list - Fixed indenting of `.init` inside `#if` statements - Fixed `redundantInit` glitch inside `#if` statements - Fixed `redundantSelf` inside `if case` expressions - Fixed `hoistTry` for strings containing multiple interpolation clauses - Fixed redundant parens not being removed after `return` keyword - Fixed spacing after attribute when using `--funcattributes same-line` - Fixed false positive in collection literals for `unusedArguments` - Fixed file access permissions errors not being reported
9 weeks ago
- Limited `redundantReturn` inside if / switch expressions to Swift 5.9+ - Fixed `hoistTry` and `hoistAwait` inside multiline string literals - Fixed invalid indenting of blank lines inside multiline string literals
10 weeks ago
- Fixed `hoistTry` and `hoistAwait` rule breaking string interpolations - Fixed bug where `opaqueGenericParameters` rule would remove non-redundant generic type - Fixed parsing bug with trailing closures on optional methods - Fixed `redundantSelf` rule parsing bug affecting string literals - Updated if / switch expression features to be enabled only in Swift 5.9+
13 weeks ago
- Fixed `hoistTry` rule breaking multiline function chains - Added `--asynccapturing` and `--throwcapturing` options for `hoistTry` and `hoistAwait` rules - Fixed changes in last line of file not being correctly tracked
nicklockwood/GZIP 1.3.0
A simple NSData category for gzipping/unzipping data in iOS and Mac OS
⭐️ 958
🕓 45 weeks ago
nicklockwood/Expression 0.13.7
A cross-platform Swift library for evaluating mathematical expressions at runtime
⭐️ 764
🕓 15 weeks ago
nicklockwood/Euclid 0.6.13
A Swift library for creating and manipulating 3D geometry
⭐️ 545
🕓 6 weeks ago
nicklockwood/ShapeScript 1.6.9
Source code for the ShapeScript 3D modeling app for macOS
⭐️ 356
🕓 6 weeks ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
6 weeks ago
- Fixed confusing function / operator precedence - Improved scroll-to-cursor behavior in iOS source editor - Bumped Euclid to version 0.6.13 (includes fix for cracking/holes issue) - Added What's New in ShapeScript screen to iOS Viewer
7 weeks ago
- Improved static type inference for import statements - Fixed type error for constant transform overrides - Removed OpenGL support for High Sierra - Fixed range precision issue - Added Linux CLI support
9 weeks ago
- Added `arc` command - Added vector algebra operators - Setting unequal width/height no longer distorts corner radius for `roundrect` command - Added `sign`, `dot`, `cross`, `length` and `normalize` functions - Added implicit casting between vector and size values - Select Shape menu is now disabled when empty - Improved argument error messages - Fixed bug where modulo operator sometimes returned negative values - Fixed bug when mixing points and subpaths in a `path` command - Fixed retain cycle in iOS file dialog - Fixed potential crash in `selectCamera()` function - Increased code sharing between Mac and iOS Viewer implementations - Bumped Euclid to version 0.6.12
10 weeks ago
- The position and transform of mesh and path values can now be set as if they were a block - Setting name on a block that returns a path no longer makes the result unusable in a builder - Constants and property symbols are no longer called "function" in error messages - Removed unhelpful "did you mean" suggestions when a valid symbol is used in wrong context - Improved error description for numeric list type - Fixed various bugs in the iOS source editor - Bumped SVGPath to version 1.1.3
13 weeks ago
- Fixed performance regression in `GeometryType.bounds` when using lathe shapes - Fixed line number display in iOS source editor - Bumped Euclid to version 0.6.11
13 weeks ago
- The `bounds` and `polygons` members now correctly take object transform into account - ShapeScript Viewer for iPad now supports multiple viewer/editor windows - Fixed some bugs and improved editing experience for source editor on iOS - Fixed bug where iOS editor would sometimes close spontaneously while editing - Added `shapescript:` URL scheme and improved URL handling - Bumped Euclid to version 0.6.10
17 weeks ago
- iOS Viewer now supports editing `.shape` files directly inside the app - Added `Edit > Select Shape` and `Clear Selection` menus in macOS viewer - Added selection hotkeys and VoiceOver support for macOS viewer - Fixed selection being cleared whenever geometry is refreshed - Fixed dynamic dark mode updates on iOS viewer - Fixed iOS split view bounds crash - Fixed bug where camera hotkeys failed after reload - Fixed error overlay translucency - Fixed various member type bugs
20 weeks ago
- Improved info panel display - Fixed twisted extrusion offset - Fixed roundrect detail level (previously 4x higher than intended) - Fixed incorrect output when intersecting groups of meshes - Empty scenes are no longer hidden if they contain debug geometry - Scene now conforms to Equatable protocol - Fixed misleading error message for excess color arguments - Fixed spurious forward declaration error for options that shadow global define - Added automatic casting of hex strings to colors (useful for JSON data) - Made polygon members available on all geometries, not just manually-created meshes - Excluded source location from Geometry equality comparisons - Fixed vector member access on tuples containing string elements - Fixed vector member access on nested numeric tuples - Fixed color member access on tuples and strings - Fixed polygon member lookup on meshes - Fixed handling of blocks with optional children (e.g. polygon) - Improved symbol lookup performance - Bumped Euclid to version 0.6.8
22 weeks ago
- Added twist option to extrude command - Fixed inconsistent view menu options when switching between open documents - Bumped Euclid to version 0.6.7
23 weeks ago
- Added hull command for creating convex hulls from points, paths or other meshes - Added mesh command for manually creating meshes from individual polygons - Added axisAligned property for controlling extrusion along paths - Added support for importing plain text files as a string and JSON files as a tuple - Added modulo operator for calculating remainder of division - Significantly overhauled type system to support lists, unions and objects - Improved static analysis, allowing type errors to be caught earlier - Improved handling of background property scope - The min and max functions are now variadic (accept any number of arguments) - Added split(), join() and trim() functions for working with strings - Added automatic conversion of strings to numbers or boolean values where applicable - Added string.lines, .words and .characters members - Added tuple.count, .last, .allButFirst and .allButLast members - Fixed member lookup on numeric literals - Fixed bug where material of imported shapes could not be overridden - Background and texture can now be cleared by setting them to an empty string - Logging geometry values to console now produces more useful output - Added proper logging for bounds and point values - Added fileTimedOut and circularImport errors - Refactored and improved error handling - Renamed ImportError to ProgramError - Raised minimum Euclid version to 0.6.6 - Added Spirals example
iOS macOS tvOS
nicklockwood/LRUCache 1.0.4
LRUCache is an open-source replacement for NSCache that behaves in a predictable, debuggable way
⭐️ 302
🕓 37 weeks ago
nicklockwood/FXPageControl 1.6
Simple, drop-in replacement for the iPhone UIPageControl that allows customisation of the dot colour, size and spacing.
⭐️ 296
🕓 29 weeks ago
nicklockwood/Consumer 0.4.0
Mac and iOS library for parsing structured text
⭐️ 222
🕓 2 years ago
nicklockwood/Sprinter 0.2.1
A library for formatting strings on iOS and macOS
⭐️ 167
🕓 5 years ago
nicklockwood/SVGPath 1.1.3
Cross-platform Swift library for parsing SVGPath strings
⭐️ 95
🕓 11 weeks ago

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