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nicklockwood/SwiftFormat 0.49.11
A command-line tool and Xcode Extension for formatting Swift code
⭐️ 5,810
🕓 4 days ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
5 days ago
- Fixed parsing of prefix `/` operator (as used in CasePath library) - Fixed bug with indenting of trailing closures after a conditional statement - Fixed bug with `wrapMultilineStatementBraces` rule - Added Swift 5.6 and 5.7 to supported versions
1 week ago
- Added preliminary support for Swift 5.7 regular expression literals - Fixed conflict between `wrapMultilineStatementBraces` and `indent` rules - Fixed bug where arguments referenced using `$` prefix were incorrectly marked as unused - Fixed `enumNamespaces` bug where `class` modifiers were mistakenly converted to `enum` - Fixed bug where `preferKeyPath` mangled functions using multiple trailing closure syntax - Unterminated string literals are now treated as an error
6 weeks ago
- Fixed bug where trailing comma was incorrectly added inside collection types - Fixed some cases where `redundantVoidReturnType` failed to remove `Void` - Fixed `unusedArguments` regression introduced in 0.49.8
8 weeks ago
- Fixed `redundantInit` rule removing required init when instantiating type variables - Fixed `unusedArguments` incorrectly marking shadowed parameters as used or unused in some cases
12 weeks ago
- Redundant `self` is now correctly removed in `if let` assignments - Fixed infinite recursion bug that would cause formatting to time out for some inputs - Lint failure now returns an error code when using stdin, matching behavior for file inputs - Fixed bug where parens were incorrectly removed around optional ranges - Updated `unusedParens` rule for new shorthand `if let` syntax in Swift 5.7 - Updated indenting of function chains to match latest Xcode behavior - Fixed build error on macOS 10.11 and earlier
14 weeks ago
- Fixed bug where `redundantParens` rule removed required parens in `any` type expressions - Fixed whitespace behavior around `some`/`any` keywords - Fixed crash when `// swiftformat:sort` was applied to an enum with only one case - SwiftFormat can now be built on Windows
16 weeks ago
- Fixed bug where `redundantClosure` incorrectly inlined throwing closures - Fixed bug where in `--exclude` path matching failed when using `--stdinpath` - Fixed a bug with `typeSugar` rule when overriding stdlib types locally in your code - Multiline statement braces are now unwrapped if `wrapMultilineStatementBraces` disabled - Added `// swiftformat:sort` directive to sort declarations by name - You can now use `--disable all` or `--enable all` as shorthand for all rules - The rules in the `Rules.md` file are now grouped by their default/enabled status
20 weeks ago
- Fixed creation date being modified on formatted files - Fixed case where a closure inside an if condition was mistaken for the body - Fixed `blockComments` rule removing leading `*`s used as bullet points - Fixed bug when parsing a raw string containing three consecutive unescaped quotes - Fixed spurious warning about unused `--wrapparameters` option - Fixed edge case when using `--allman` indenting
21 weeks ago
- Fixed required `let` being removed inside View Builders - Fixed `blockComments` rule mangling code on next line after comment (really this time) - Fixed unsafe removal of `self` inside `if` statements containing postfix operators - Fixed `--selfrequired` behavior inside interpolated strings - Fixed indenting of labelled trailing closures
23 weeks ago
- Fixed literal values being incorrectly removed by `redundantType` rule - Fixed `redundantSelf` rule removing `self` from shadowed variables after an `as`/`is` condition - Fixed bug where `redundantClosure` rule could break the build for certain `Void` closures - Fixed parsing error in function calls followed by a subscript - Fixed `blockComments` rule mangling code on next line after comment - The `redundantClosure` rule is no longer applied if closure calls a method that returns `Never` - Fixed meaningless warning for deprecated options
nicklockwood/GZIP 1.3.0
A simple NSData category for gzipping/unzipping data in iOS and Mac OS
⭐️ 941
🕓 1 year ago
nicklockwood/Expression 0.13.6
A cross-platform Swift library for evaluating mathematical expressions at runtime
⭐️ 718
🕓 13 weeks ago
nicklockwood/Euclid 0.5.24
A Swift library for creating and manipulating 3D geometry
⭐️ 484
🕓 22 hours ago
nicklockwood/ShapeScript 1.5.2
Source code for the ShapeScript 3D modeling app for macOS
⭐️ 299
🕓 4 weeks ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
4 weeks ago
- Fixed bug where path lines were drawn too thin for large models - Improved error messaging for invalid use of option - Fixed suggestions for misspelled commands - Bumped Euclid to version 0.5.21
7 weeks ago
- Add implicit `detail/smoothing`, `color/texture`, `position/orientation/size` and `font` options to custom blocks - Logical `and/or` expressions now short circuit (don't evaluate their second parameter unless needed) - Added support for creating `MaterialProperty` from `SCNMaterials` using `NS/UIImage` - Fixed setting camera position on locked documents (such as the Example projects) - Added slightly stronger type safety when calling commands - Fixed axes contrast when using per-camera backgrounds - Fixed font inheritance for user-defined blocks - Added custom fonts to model info display - Added USDZ to list of supported export types - Improved iOS compatibility
8 weeks ago
- Added support for custom light sources using the `light` command - Added user-defined functions/commands (previously only blocks could be defined) - The width and/or height for exported images can now be set on a per-camera basis - Added `polygon` command for more easily creating regular polygon paths - The scene background can now be set individually for each camera - Using `position`, `orientation` and `size` inside a `path` now works again (broken since 1.4.4) - Using `rnd` command in option default expressions no longer has a knock-on effect on the sequence - Options can now reference local constants in their default values - Material brightness logic used in Viewer app is now part of the ShapeScript core - Using `wrapwidth` or `linespacing` text commands inside an `svgpath` block now raises an error - Fixed blank screen when scene contains empty `camera` node - Removed `StatementType.block` case in favor of expression form - Fixed some bugs in path generation relating to point colors - The `OSColor` typealias is now private - Added SVGPath dependency
10 weeks ago
- Camera is no longer reset on every reload - Fixed camera snapback if moved during initial model load - Added `smoothing` command for controlling surface normal generation - Disallowed used of `detail` and `font` commands in scopes where they have no effect - The `svgpath` command now works on Linux - Bumped Euclid to version 0.5.20
11 weeks ago
- Fixed `svgpath` command (broken in 1.4.5) - Fixed bug where axes were rendered in the wrong color - Watertight status is now displayed in object info panel - The `roundrect` command now works on Linux - Bumped LRUCache to version 1.0.3 - Bumped Euclid to version 0.5.18
16 weeks ago
- Added support for setting per-vertex colors in a path - Font, text color and linespacing can now be specified per-line within a text block - Fixed underestimated bounds calculation for extrusion along a path - Made logic for child count calculation more consistent - Bumped Euclid to version 0.5.17
22 weeks ago
- Fixed infinite recursion crash when a shape file tries to import itelf - Improved error message when imported model file is not readable - Fixed assertion failure when evaluating imported block due to source confusion - Added stricter symbol checking in stdlib so, e.g. name can't be used inside a path - Fixed bug in viewer where examples always open in orthographic mode - Imported gifs are now counted as textures rather than models in info panel - Model type is now displayed correctly in info panel - Fixed some iOS compatibility issues
26 weeks ago
- ShapeScript will now attempt to ensure generated meshes are watertight by default - Fixed unintended behavior change with blocks returning multiple shapes (introduced in 1.3.7) - Fixed precondition failure when calling a block from inside a `path` command - Camera nodes are no longer included in object count in model info - Handle repeated parameter lists without command tokens in `svgpath` - Added additional `svgpath` error handling - Bumped Euclid to version 0.5.15
28 weeks ago
- The `svgpath` command now supports arc instructions ('A' and 'a') - Fixed bug in `svgpath` affecting absolute horizontal ('H') and vertical ('V') lines - Save panel in viewer now adds `.shape` extension to file name if not present - Made online documentation link logic more robust
31 weeks ago
- Fixed bug where `along` property was ignored in `extrude` command - Fixed wireframe rendering mode in viewer
iOS macOS tvOS
nicklockwood/LRUCache 1.0.3
LRUCache is an open-source replacement for NSCache that behaves in a predictable, debuggable way
⭐️ 258
🕓 11 weeks ago
nicklockwood/Consumer 0.4.0
Mac and iOS library for parsing structured text
⭐️ 217
🕓 1 year ago
nicklockwood/Sprinter 0.2.1
A library for formatting strings on iOS and macOS
⭐️ 168
🕓 4 years ago
nicklockwood/SVGPath 1.0.2
Cross-platform Swift library for parsing SVGPath strings
⭐️ 76
🕓 10 weeks ago

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