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nicklockwood/SwiftFormat 0.53.6
A command-line tool and Xcode Extension for formatting Swift code
⭐️ 7,464
🕓 Yesterday
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
- Fixed bug where a space was incorrectly added before a `.` operator inside attribute arguments - The `redundantType` rule no longer strips required explicit type from `@Model` class default values - Fixed issue where `redundantInit` didn't work on collection types - The `redundantParens` rule now correctly handles `@MainActor` closures - Fixed bug where required parens were removed around `each X` parameter pack expressions - Fixed issue where `--wrapreturntype if-multiline` didn't work with arrays, dictionaries, tuples, or generic types - The `spaceAroundParens/Brackets` rules now correctly insert a space after `borrowing`/`consuming` and `isolated` - Fixed spurious line breaks inserted between scoped `import` statements - Added `--doccomments preserve` option to preserve all doc comments, even if not followed by a declaration
3 weeks ago
- Fixed bug with trailing comma being inserted into wrapped capture list - Fixed bugs with parsing `nonisolated(unsafe)` modifiers - Fixed bug with hoisting `try` or `async` after a string literal expression - Fixed issue with parsing expressions containing generic arguments - Lint warnings are now displayed as errors when not running in `--lenient` mode - Improved error message for unexpected `static`/`class` modifiers - Added Swift 6.0 to list of supported Swift versions
4 weeks ago
- The `enumNamespaces` rule is no longer applied to structs with attributes or macros - The new `nonisolated(unsafe)` modifier is now handled correctly - Added support for `do throws(Type) { ... }` clauses
5 weeks ago
- The `preferForLoop` rule now correctly singularizes loop conditions that end with "cases" - Fixed bug where `preferForLoop` mangled throwing or async `forEach` expressions - Fixed extension body not being sorted if `organizeDeclarations` was enabled but excluded declaration type - Fixed conditionalAssignment bugs with `@unknown default` cases - Fixed some unsafe applications of the `enumNamespaces` rule - Add preliminary support for typed `throws`
7 weeks ago
- Fixed bug where `hoistAwait` rule could move `await` before `try` keyword - Fixed bug where `redundantSelf` rule was confused by `@MainActor` annotation - Fixed edge case where `unusedArguments` removed required argument inside `guard`
10 weeks ago
- Fixed bug where `fileHeader` could duplicate headers containing a colon - The `redundantInternal` rule no longer strips `internal` from `import` statements - Fixed false positive with `unusedArguments` rule
13 weeks ago
- Added `preferForLoop` rule to convert `forEach { ... }` calls to regular `for` loops - Added `wrapLoopBodies` rule to wrap single-line loop bodies over multiple lines - Added `noExplicitOwnership` rule to remove unwanted `borrowing` and `consuming` modifiers - Added `wrapMultilineConditionalAssignment` rule to wrap `if` or `switch` expressions to new line - The `wrapAttributes` rule no longer unwraps attributes if they would exceed `--maxwidth` - The `typeSugar` rule's `--shortoptionals` option now defaults to `except-properties` - Enabled `blankLinesBetweenChainedFunctions` rule by default - Enabled `blankLineAfterImports` rule by default - Fixed `self` being incorrectly inserted before `set` clause in computed properties - Fixed a bug in `parseType()` helper function where qualified types were not recognized - Fixed Xcode command plugin
18 weeks ago
- Updated `if`/`switch` expression workaround for Swift 5.9 bug to handle `as!` casts - Fixed indent logic for wrapped conditional assignment expressions - Fixed assertion failure in `redundantSelf` rule - Fixed raw string parsing bug
21 weeks ago
- Fixed `enumNamespaces` rule breaking `import struct`/`class` statements - Fixed unsafe application of `conditionalAssignment` rule to `switch` statements containing `#if` blocks
21 weeks ago
- Fixed `redundantClosure` removing required closure around conditional statements - Fixed `redundantClosure` removing closure containing conditional expressions inside a method call - Fixed `redundantClosure` generating invalid code when the `redundantReturn` rule is disabled - Fixed issue where if/switch expressions with `as?` cast would break build in Swift 5.9 - Fixed `blankLineAfterImports` introducing spurious blank line before `@preconcurrency` attribute - Fixed bug where `enumNamespaces` rule wouldn't be applied immediately after an `import` statement - Fixed issue where `switch` case with multiple `where` clauses could be parsed incorrectly - The SwiftFormat SPM plugin now formats local dependencies, not just final product targets
nicklockwood/GZIP 1.3.2
A simple NSData category for gzipping/unzipping data in iOS and Mac OS
⭐️ 980
🕓 2 weeks ago
nicklockwood/Expression 0.13.8
A cross-platform Swift library for evaluating mathematical expressions at runtime
⭐️ 807
🕓 14 weeks ago
nicklockwood/Euclid 0.7.7
A Swift library for creating and manipulating 3D geometry
⭐️ 610
🕓 7 weeks ago
nicklockwood/ShapeScript 1.8.4
The ShapeScript 3D modeling app for macOS and iOS
⭐️ 383
🕓 7 weeks ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
7 weeks ago
- Added `in` operator for testing if a value lies within a tuple or range - Negative subscript indices can now be used to access elements at the end of a list - Improved error messages for member access and subscripting - Fixed bug with subscripting parenthesized values - Fixed a bug with casting single-element tuples - Made SVGPath functions public - Bumped Euclid to version 0.7.7
9 weeks ago
- Fixed file access bug for iCloud hosted files - Fixed issue where initial seed for random sequence wasn't truncated to correct range - Updated iOS TextView with some bug fixes - Bumped Euclid to version 0.7.6 - Bumped LRUCache to version 1.0.7
11 weeks ago
- Fixed alpha blending bugs in rendered images - Uniform vertex colors are now converted to a material - Improved error messaging for file access errors - Increased stack limit to prevent overflow for trivial recursion - Fixed double application of local transform to imported shapes - Fixed double application of local transform in functions - Bumped Euclid to version 0.7.4 - Bumped LRUCache to version 1.0.5
14 weeks ago
- Improved color replacement for imported shapes - STL import now supports facet colors - Linux CLI now supports binary STL export - Improved reporting of system errors - Added `camera.antialiased` property - Bumped Euclid to version 0.7.3 - Bumped SVGPath to version 1.1.4 - Added visionOS support
19 weeks ago
- Added `switch/case` statements - Added subscripting support for objects and tuples - Added `object` constructor command - Objects can now be cast to/from memberwise types - Added `light.shadow` property - The `opacity` property can now be set to a texture - Textures now use nearest-neighbor filtering for upscaling instead of linear - Added `normals` command for setting surface normals with a texture - Added `roughness` and `metallicity` properties for physically based rendering (PBR) - Added `material` command for setting all material properties at once - Combined `Material.color` and `texture` properties into single property internally - The `Material.isOpaque` property is now correctly computed when using a texture - Added `text.string`, `font`, `color` and `linespacing` members - You can now use `import` statements in expressions - Object values are now correctly unwrapped - Removed some deprecated methods
24 weeks ago
- Fixed spotlight debug shape orientation - Added `Geometry.withoutLights()` method - Added `Geometry.withoutGroupTransform()` method - Deprecated `Geometry.with(name:)` method - Added `point.isCurved` and `polygon.center` member properties - Added `object` type logging and made logging less error-prone - Added documentation for lights limit introduced in 1.7.0
25 weeks ago
- Fixed ambiguity when calling functions with parenthesized arguments - Added error message when using more than 8 lights in a scene - Bumped Euclid to version 0.7.1
28 weeks ago
- Bumped Euclid to version 0.6.18 (fixes crash when building with Xcode 15)
36 weeks ago
- Fixed "Show Wireframe" menu item not updating correctly on iOS - Additional cone detail is now only added when using textures - Added error hint for misspelled else keyword - Added Value.errorDescription for clearer error messages - Fixed out of bounds crash in iOS source editor - Fixed some typesystem edge cases for optionals, unions and lists - Added checked angular types to help prevent mixed angle errors - Added regression tests for example shape files - Bumped Euclid to version 0.6.15
39 weeks ago
- Fixed bug where structured data was flattened when returned from a block or function - Source editor on iOS no longer closes when shape file is reloaded - Disabled double space period shortcut in iOS source editor - Fixed orthographic checkbox not updating on iOS - Added Icosahedron example project - Improved camera control docs
iOS macOS tvOS
nicklockwood/LRUCache 1.0.7
LRUCache is an open-source replacement for NSCache that behaves in a predictable, debuggable way
⭐️ 356
🕓 10 weeks ago
nicklockwood/FXPageControl 1.6
Simple, drop-in replacement for the iPhone UIPageControl that allows customisation of the dot colour, size and spacing.
⭐️ 298
🕓 1 year ago
nicklockwood/Consumer 0.4.0
Mac and iOS library for parsing structured text
⭐️ 224
🕓 3 years ago
nicklockwood/Sprinter 0.2.1
A library for formatting strings on iOS and macOS
⭐️ 166
🕓 6 years ago
nicklockwood/SVGPath 1.1.4
Cross-platform Swift library for parsing SVGPath strings
⭐️ 104
🕓 17 weeks ago

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