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A package to make functions from boost available to Swift.

Currently this package exports gamma_p_inv

Adding / Updating Boost headers

The BCP tool can be used to extract a subset of Boost (i.e the part relevant to the library). The Getting started documentation is also useful.

Here are the steps I followed to make gamma_p_inv available.

  1. Run ./bootstrap.sh in the root of the Boost distribution
  2. Run ./b2 headers in the root of the Boost distribution
  3. Run ../../b2 -j2 release dist-bin in the tools/bcp directory
  4. Run ./dist/bin/bcp boost/math/special_functions/detail/igamma_inverse.hpp <outputdir> from the root of the Boost distribution. replace <outputdir> with the path where you want the files to be placed.


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