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neutronstarer/npc_swift 4.7.5
Near Procedure Call.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/neutronstarer/npc_swift.git", from: "4.7.5")


Near Procedure Call.


Create instance

let npc = NPC({message in 
    // send message to near npc

register handle

npc.on("ping") { param, notify, reply in
    // reply content
    reply("pong", nil)
    // return a cancel function which could be nil.
    return nil


n0.deliver("ping", param: nil, timeout: 0, onNotify: {param in
    // param is notification
}, onReply:{param, error in
    //param is repication
    //error is error-replication

More usage is in example app.


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