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Customizable tables for SwiftUI.

How to add this to my project?

Add to your current Package.swift, drag and drop into your project, or open Xcode and go to File>Swift Packages>Add Package Dependency...

Works for iOS v14 due to native ProgressView support and UIImpactFeedbackGenerator from UIKit.

Basic Usage

import SwiftUI
import Table

Table(items) { item in
    // View goes here.
.onPull(threshold: 100,
        impact: .rigid,
        timeout: 16,
        delay: .now() + 0.5,
        isFinished: .constant(true)) {
    // Action goes here


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Table (Test Release) - 2020-10-15 05:55:17

This is a stable working copy of swiftu-table. Ideally, there would be more testing and feature implementations in the future, but this is the first release.