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Customizable tables for SwiftUI

Customizable tables for SwiftUI.

How to add this to my project?

Add to your current Package.swift, drag and drop into your project, or open Xcode and go to File>Swift Packages>Add Package Dependency...

Works for iOS v14 due to native ProgressView support and UIImpactFeedbackGenerator from UIKit.

Basic Usage

import SwiftUI
import Table

Table(items) { item in
    // View goes here.
.onPull(threshold: 100,
        impact: .rigid,
        timeout: 16,
        delay: .now() + 0.5,
        isFinished: .constant(true)) {
    // Action goes here


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Table (Test Release) - 2020-10-15T05:55:17

This is a stable working copy of swiftu-table. Ideally, there would be more testing and feature implementations in the future, but this is the first release.