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Commonly used tools and utils
.package(url: "https://github.com/netcosports/Alidade.git", from: "5.1.9")


Utility components

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pod 'Alidade', '~> 5.0.0'


All available features are avaiable in separated subspecs:


Basic extenstion for basic swift types, like: CGRect, CGPoint, Sequence, UIColor etc. For example very usefull safe index access:

guard let model = models[safe: index] else { return }


Some useful basic geometry concepts such as Ray, Line or Segment;


Added SIMD vectors type conformance to some CoreGraphics and UI structs: CGPoint, CGRect, UIEdgeInsets, etc. Also Useful operators set for manipulating basic UIKit/CoreGraphics types as multi-dimensional vectors. For example CGRect and UIEdgeInsets both are 4d vectors. It lets client do the following:

let rect: CGRect
let insets: UIEdgeInsets
let rectWithInsets = rect + insets
let bounds = CGRect([0, 0, 640, 1136])
let size = CGSize([120, 60])
let origin = bounds.midpoint - (size * 0.5).pointValue
let frame = CGRect(origin: origin, size: size)


To calculate and cache String and NSAttributedString text size. Also, the ability to convert and cache HTML to NSAttributedString using NSAttributedString.DocumentType.html.


Cool utils for UIView, such as

func addSubviews(_ subviews: [UIView])
func addSubviews(_ subviews: UIView...)

Custom views: GradientView, PathView

Accessor for setting shadow:

view.shadow = .init(color: shadowColor, blur: 10.0, opacity: 0.5, offset: .zero, path: nil)

Sketch/Zeplin shadow also:

view.shadow = .sketch(color: shadowColor, alpha: 0.5, bounds: shadowBounds, x: 0.0, y: 10.0, blur: 10.0, spread: 0.0)


Most useful is UIScalable protocol to let you work in the same proportions with the provided design. You need to setup smallets size from design as base value:

UI.setBaseWidths([.pad: 768, .phone: 375])

Then you can access adjusted value using .ui extension:

let width: CGFloat = 180.ui

Also, if you have separated modules or design, provided for you, have different screen sizes across the design. You can use Intent associated with your module:

UI.setBaseWidths([.pad: 768, .phone: 320], for: Module.intent)
// then you can access 
let width: CGFloat = 180.uiValue(for: Module.intent)


Box container for mutability properties in immutable containers: N.B.! makes runtime increase retain count for Boxed object every time when struct with Boxed object passed via param into function

struct SomeData {
  let a = 1
  var b = 2.0
  let c = Boxed(false)

let immutable = SomeData()
immutable.a = 2 // is forbidden

var mutable = SomeData()
mutable.b = 2.0 // is valid for mutable instances

// is valid for both cases
immutable.c.value = false 
mutable.c.value = true


Makes using ObjC runtime association easier:

private enum SomeClassYouWantToExtendViaObjcAssociationConst {

    static var propertyName = 0


extension SomeClassYouWantToExtendViaObjcAssociation {

    var readwriteValue: PropertyType? {
        get { return associated.value(for: &SomeClassYouWantToExtendViaObjcAssociationConst.propertyName) }
        set { associated.set(newValue, for: &SomeClassYouWantToExtendViaObjcAssociationConst.propertyName) }



Amazing and useful extensions for the creation and simultaneous object setup in-place. For example:

let label = UILabel {
  $0.text = "Text"
  $0.numberOfLines = 2


Tools for creation and cache different types of formatters. For Dates, DateInterval, Length, PersonNameComponents etc.

  let date = Date()
  let locale = Locale.current
  let template = "EEEEEEE, d MMM"
  let dateFormat = DateFormatter.dateFormat(fromTemplate: template, options: 0, locale: locale) ?? template
  let dateString = DateFormatter.cached(format: dateFormat, locale: locale)
      .string(from: date)


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