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nekonora/TaggerKit 0.6.1
🏷 TaggerKit helps you to quickly implement tags in your UIKit apps, so you can go on and test your idea without having to worry about logic and custom collection layouts.
⭐️ 461
🕓 2 years ago
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
TaggerKit 0.6.1
4 years ago
• Added support for Swift Package Manager; • Fixed a bug that was causing a tag view to not send tags to another one by tapping the button; • Added a convenience init method to create a tag view more quickly;
TaggerKit 0.6.0
4 years ago
• Added Carthage support; • Added custom border properties for tags; • Some code refactoring; • Checked support for iOS 13, Xcode 11 and Swift 5.1;
Stable - Swift 5
4 years ago
Stable - Swift 4.2
4 years ago
* Removed "Done" button and toolbar for the keyboard. * Merged pull request by @matthewweldon (added support for iOS 11)
nekonora/StatefulVC 1.0.3
A scene bootstrapper for iOS built upon UIKit and Combine frameworks
⭐️ 1
🕓 3 years ago
iOS macOS

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