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nashysolutions/Calendar 1.1.1
A skinable calendar menu.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/nashysolutions/Calendar.git", from: "1.1.1")


A skinnable calendar.


The onus is on the implementing developer to build the following.

  • 4 x UICollectionViewCell subclasses representing DayPositions.
  • 2 x UICollectionReusableView subclasses representing TitlePositions.

Take a look at the SummerSnowflake example.

let dayTypes = DayPosition.allCases.map { SummerSnowflake.userInterface(for: $0) }
let titleTypes = TitlePosition.allCases.map { SummerSnowflake.userInterface(for: $0) }
let userInterface = UserInterface(dayTypes: dayTypes, titleTypes: titleTypes)

do {
    let calendarView = try PagingGridView(startDate: start, endDate: end, userInterface: userInterface)
    calendarView.backgroundColor = backgroundColor
    // add subview
} catch let error as PagingGridView.Error {
    handleError(error) // The date ranges must make sense.
} catch let error as UserInterface.Error {
    handleError(error) // All UI elements must be present.
} catch {
    fatalError("Unexpected error.")

// Switch over the error cases or print like this.
private func handleError(_ error: LocalizedError) {
    let errorDescription = error.errorDescription!
    let failureReason = error.failureReason!
    let recoverySuggestion = error.recoverySuggestion!
    fatalError(errorDescription + failureReason + recoverySuggestion)

// Find the current selection like so
let date = calendarView.currentSelection?.date


A demo App is available here.

Tap the following image to launch Appetize.



List this package in your Package.swift manifest file as a Swift Package dependency. Releases Page.


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Release Notes

Release 1.1.1
1 week ago

Some refactoring.

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