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Repository for Swift Package Manager installation.

This repostiory is for use with Swift Package Manager to locate a manifest to load the Nami SDK.

It tracks the primary Nami respository (with demo source code and binaries) at https://github.com/namiml/nami-apple .


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v2.4.3 -

  • Expired purchases often get stuck in Apple's sandbox and mess up testing. We now ensure those get cleared out for you so you don't have to worry about it.

v2.4.2 -

  • Adjust featured item spacing on Nami paywalls.

v2.4.1 -

  • Fixed issue with background calls to Nami on app close sometimes stalling.

v2.4.0 -

  • New styling options for Nami No-Code paywalls.
  • Improved Nami paywall design.
  • Improved logging around purchase handling.
  • If paywall auto-raise is set to every session, first app launch will raise paywall.
  • Various stability improvements.