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Day Schedule View

Carthage compatible


DayScheduleView is a custom view for iOS applications. DayScheduleView will present a single day in a scrollable 24-hour list, divided into 30 minute periods. DayScheduleView integrates with EventKit and custom appointment or event management code and displays events within the day at the time that they occur. DayScheduleView supports interaction between the user and the appointments that are displayed in the schedule.


For instructions and code examples for how to use DayScheduleView, please read the Wiki.


Day Schedule View is compatible with Carthage or CocoaPods.

Carthage Installation

Day Schedule View is installable using Carthage. To use Day Schedule View in your own project, add the following line to your Cartfile:

github "nakedsoftware/DayScheduleView"

Next, run:

carthage update

This will download the source code or binary release package for Day Schedule View and make the framework available for your application.

Day Schedule View is available as either a dynamically-linked framework for iOS applications, or as a statically linked framework. We recommend using the statically-linked framework for performance reasons.

CocoaPods Installation

To use Day Schedule View in your own project, add the following line to your Podfile for the target that you want to link Day Schedule View into:

pod 'DayScheduleView'

Then install the source code into your application or framework:

pod install

Contributing Bug Fixes and New Features

Gitflow Workflow

The DayScheduleView framework is built following the Gitflow workflow. In Gitflow, there are two primary branches:

  • master represents the current release of DayScheduleView and is intended for use in production applications or for developing new applications.
  • develop represents the next version of DayScheduleView that is under development. You should be cautious using this version in production applications or for development. This branch contains new features that are under active development and may not be fully implemented or tested.

We recommend when contributing changes or working with the source code that you follow the Gitflow workflow and create feature branches from develop or bug fix branches and submit pull requests from those branches.

Contributing Changes

DayScheduleView is open source and we encourage you to try our code, use it, and contribute back any changes that you want to share with others who are also using DayScheduleView. Contributions are made via GitHub pull requests. When pull requests are submitted, we will review them as soon as possible, evaluate the change against our vision for the framework, and determine whether or not to include the pull request.

Please note that not all pull requests are accepted into DayScheduleView. We encourage all of our users to play with the source code and make and contribute changes. Please do not think negatively of us or think that we think negatively of your pull request. Our goal in releasing this source code publicly and openly is to share this component with others who may find it useful, but in doing so, we take on the responsibility to ensure that DayScheduleView will continue to provide value to all users. In some cases, new features may be too specific to a certain domain or a specific use case that does not make sense to be included for the broader user base that we are seeking to support. In those cases, we may not be able to include your pull request. It is not that we see no value in it, but it just may not make sense to include it for everyone. In that case, we fully encourage you to continue to provide that feature with your own public fork of our repository and to share it with those that could also gain value from that feature.


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