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Tool for converting XCLogParser results to Sonar issues written in swift.
.package(url: "https://github.com/nacho4d/XCLogParser2Sonar.git", from: "0.1.5")


Tool for converting XCLogParser results to SonarQube generic issues written in swift.

📝 Description

xclogparser2sonar is a simple command-line utility written in Swift that reads output of xclogparser and converts it into SonarQube generic issues that can be imported via flag sonar.externalIssuesReportPaths.

  • Sonarqube expects issues paths are relative to the root of the repository so please make sure to provide the absolute path to your repository using --base-path.
  • Some linker, target integrity, etc warnings/errors might come files sonarqube does not know (for example *.xcodeproj/) and sonar scanner might ignore these issues. One way to work-around this is to map issues from *.xcodeproj/ to *.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj. Make sure sonarqube knows about pbxproj (I appended my pbxproj file path to sonar.sources flag)

🛠 Install

The easiest way is to use mint

mint install nacho4d/XCLogParser2Sonar

▶️ Usage

Simply call xclogparser2sonar with required --issues-path parameter and optional but recommended --base-path and --map2pbxproj parameters. In below example I wrote a full integration example. If you are already using sonar qube you should already have ① and partially ③ in place.

For parameters detailed explanation see xclogparser2sonar --help

Full example

# If you are using Gitlab CI this should be "${CI_PROJECT_DIR}" or in Jenkins "${WORKSPACE}/YourProjectRoot"...

# ① use xclogparser to get warnings/error issues
cd "${MY_PROJECT_DIR}/path/to/ios/project"
xclogparser parse --xcodeproj YourProject.xcodeproj --reporter issues --output xclogparser-issues.json

# ② Convert xclogparser issues to sonar generic issues. 
xclogparser2sonar \
    --map2pbxproj \
    --base-path "${MY_PROJECT_DIR}/" 
    --issues-path "xclogparser-issues.json" > sonar-generic-issues.json
# ③ Now you can pass sonar-generic-issues.json to sonar scanner.
sonar-scanner ... \

📄 License

Copyright © 2021 Guillermo Ignacio Enriquez Gutierrez

License: MIT


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