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muxinc/mux-stats-sdk-avplayer v3.4.2
Mux integration with `AVPlayer` for iOS Native Applications
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🕓 4 weeks ago
iOS tvOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/muxinc/mux-stats-sdk-avplayer.git", from: "v3.4.2")


Mux integration with AVPlayer and AVPlayerLayer for iOS native applications.

This integration is built on top of Mux's core Objective-C library, allowing thinner wrappers for each new player, such as any third-party players that do not use (or expose) an underlying AVPlayer and/or AVPlayerLayer.

Integration Instructions

Full integration instructions can be found here: https://docs.mux.com/docs/avplayer-integration-guide.

Sample apps

  • apps/DemoApp - Objective C demo
  • apps/video-demo - Swift demo
  • apps/TvDemoApp - Apple TV demo
  • apps/MUXSDKStatsExampleSPM - Swift Package Manager demo


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Last commit: 3 weeks ago
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Release Notes

4 weeks ago


  • Pin MuxCore to specific version consistent across Cocoapods and Swift Package Manager

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