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muukii/Brightroom 2.5.0
📷 A composable image editor using Core Image and Metal.
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🕓 7 weeks ago
.package(url: "https://github.com/muukii/Brightroom.git", from: "2.5.0")

Brightroom - Composable image editor - building your own UI

Classic Image Editor PhotosCrop Face detection Masking component
<img style="max-width:100%;" width=200px src=https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/1888355/112720381-4ea4c700-8f41-11eb-8ec3-2446518ded1b.gif?raw=true /> <img style="max-width:100%;" width=200px src=https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/1888355/112720303-cde5cb00-8f40-11eb-941f-c134368b87c5.gif?raw=true /> <img style="max-width:100%;" width=200px src=https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/1888355/112927084-6487d700-914f-11eb-86a5-28f9373285e6.gif?raw=true />

🎄An open-sourced app built with Brightroom

🎉 v2 now open!

⚒ Issues are managed in v2 project

📌 Pixel has been renamed as Brightroom

📖 Detailed documentations are available on here

🎈 Wanted CoreImage and Metal professional! Please help us, we have issues that we don't know how to solve. (help wanted in Issues)

⭐️ If you interested in v2, hit the Star button to motivate us! 🤠

🪐 Brightroom's state management powered by Verge.

💵 Support me by one-time tier

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Brightroom v2 provides the following features:

  • Components are built separately and run standalone using an EditingStack.
  • Create your own image editor UI by composing components.
  • EditingStack manages the history of editing and renders images. It's like a headless browser.
  • Headless rendering with using EditingStack
  • Wide color editing supported
  • Super large photo (12000px) supported (But exporting takes so long time for now.)
  • Blazing fast previewing by Metal power.
  • Drawing supported - masking blurry
  • Creating your own filter with LUT
  • Opening the image from URL
  • Supported UIKit and SwiftUI
  • Downloading image supported


  • Swift 5.3 (Xcode12.4+)
  • iOS 12+

Detail Documentations




// Creating image provider
let imageProvider: ImageProvider = .init(image: uiImage) // url, data supported.

// Creating view controller
let controller = PhotosCropViewController(imageProvider: imageProvider)

// Setting up handling after editing finished.

SwiftUI supported (beta)

Not sophisticated API.
Please help us 🤲

let editingStack: EditingStack

SwiftUIPhotosCropView(editingStack: editingStack, onCompleted: {
  let image = try! editingStack.makeRenderer().render().swiftUIImage

Demo applications

This repository contains a demo application.
You can see many demonstrations of what Brightroom can perform and experiments in technology.

Customization showcases



pod 'Brightroom/Engine'
pod 'Brightroom/UI-Classic'
pod 'Brightroom/UI-Crop'

Swift Package Manager

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/muukii/Brightroom.git", exact: "2.2.0")


Brightroom is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

FOSSA Status


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Release Notes

7 weeks ago

What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/muukii/Brightroom/compare/2.4.0...2.5.0

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