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music-notation import code specific to Guitar Pro 7 +
.package(url: "https://github.com/music-notation-swift/music-notation-import-guitarpro.git", from: "v0.5.6")


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music-notation import code specific to Guitar Pro 7 files.

Guitar Pro 7

Guitar Pro 7 is a zipped file format (.gp) which expands into a folder that has the following contents:

Guitar Pro 7 File Format

The score.gpif file is an application specific XML file.

The source files in the GuitarPro7 folder are those specific to parsing this file format.

music-notation-import-guitarpro supports specifying the gpif file alone, or specifying the container gp file. Using the ZIPFoundation the process will pull out the score.gpif file and parse that directly.

There are two folders of code in the Guitar Pro 7 parser. One contains the parsing code (XML to Swift structured data), the other contains extension to the music-notation library that adds initializers that understand the parse data from the XML file.


This is (obviously) a work in progress. It is meant to drive and help develop the music-notation project. It is one of the packages used by music-notation-import


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