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mtj0928/SlideKit 0.4.0
A library which helps you make presentation slides by SwiftUI
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πŸ•“ 18 weeks ago
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.package(url: "https://github.com/mtj0928/SlideKit.git", from: "0.4.0")



SlideKit helps you make presentation slides on SwiftUI.
You can easily make presentation slides and customize the design perfectly because the all components are just SwiftUI's View.



  • Xcode 15+
  • Swift 5.9


First, see the Tutorial for SlideKit.
You can learn how to use SlideKit and make presentation slides through making the sample presentation slides.

If you want to know more details, refer the DocC Style Document


  • β˜‘ Support all SwiftUI ViewsπŸ”₯
  • β˜‘ Provide HeaderSlide, it is a template slide which has a title.
  • β˜‘ Support HeaderSlideStyle, so you can customize the design of the HeaderSlide.
  • β˜‘ Provide some utility view components
    • Code: Syntax Highlighted view (Only Swift is supported now.)
    • Item: Itemization view. Item supports nested structures.
  • β˜‘ Show the current slide index at bottom right on slide.
  • β˜‘ Support two windows, presentation window and presenter window.
  • β˜‘ Show scripts on only presenter window (only macOS)
  • β˜‘ Provide @Phase, so you can divide a one slide step by step.
  • β˜‘ Export PDF file (only macOS 13+)

Simple Example

You can create a presentation by SwiftUI like this.

struct IntroductionSlide: View {
    var body: some View {
        HeaderSlide("SlideKit") {
            Item("SlideKit helps you make presentation slides by SwiftUI")
            Item("The followings are provided") {

And then, this is the result of the code.

Presentations made with SlideKit

If you make presentations slide with SlideKit, add it to the following litst!!

  • After iOSDC: A presentation, which shares the hard points to make presentations slides by SwiftUI. (Japanese)
  • iOSDC23 A presentation, which shows a dependency injection strategy on SwiftUI. (Japanese)


Stars: 188
Last commit: 5 weeks ago
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Release Notes

0.4.0 (macro support)
18 weeks ago

✨New Feature

  • @Slide macro is available now!!
  • The target type of@Phase becomes simpler.
  • phase function is automatically generated by @Slide Developer can set the current phase for Xcode Previews.

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