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A tiny Sinatra-like web framework for Swift. Based on SwiftNIO.
.package(url: "https://github.com/mtgto/Swiftra.git", from: "0.5.0")


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A tiny Sinatra-like web framework for Swift.

Swiftra is a small wrapper on SwiftNIO.


import Swiftra

struct ExampleError: Error {}

let app = App {
    get("/") { req in
        .text("Hello, world!")

    get("/html") { req in
        .text("<html><body>Hello from Swiftra</body></html>", contentType: ContentType.textHtml.withCharset())

    // path parameters
    get("/hello/:name") { req in
        .text("Hello \(req.params("name", default: "guest"))")

    // convert Encodable value into JSON
    get("/json") { req in
        Response(json: ["Hello": "World!"])!

    // asynchronous
    futureGet("/future") { req in
        let promise = req.makePromise(of: String.self)
        _ = req.eventLoop.scheduleTask(in: .seconds(1)) {
            promise.succeed("Hello from future")
        return promise.futureResult.map { .text($0) }

    // No route matches
    notFound { req in
        .text("Not Found", status: .notFound)

    // Example of error handling. See also below `error`
    get("/error") { req in
        throw ExampleError()

    // unhandled error handler
    error { req, error in
        .text("Error", status: .internalServerError)

// You can add routes
app.addRoutes {
    get("/addRoute") { req in
        .text("New route is added")

// Set default response headers
app.defaultHeaders = [("Server", "SwiftraExample/1.0.0")]

try! app.start(1337)
// You can customize bind address
// try! app.start(1337, host: "localhost")


Swift Package Manager (SPM)

Add https://github.com/mtgto/Swiftra to your dependencies of Swift Package.


Add pod 'Swiftra', '~> 0.3' to your Podfile.


  • Routing
  • Access path parameter(s)
  • Access query paramter(s)

Roadmap to v1.0.0

  • ☐ Helper to access components of request header
    • ☑ query string
    • ☐ fragment
    • ☐ Cookie
  • ☐ Helper to access request body
    • ☐ x-www-form-urlencoded data
    • ☐ JSON request
  • ☐ HTTP methods except for GET
  • ☑ Error handling
  • ☐ File upload
    • ☐ Large file upload
  • ☐ More performance


Format swift code with swift-format before send your contribution.

$ swift-format --configuration .swift-format --in-place YourAwesomeCode.swift

pre-commit is recommended.

$ brew install pre-commit
$ pre-commit install


Thanks a lot A µTutorial on SwiftNIO 2.


Apache License 2.0.

See LICENSE.txt.




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Release Notes

2 weeks ago


  • Support Swift 5.4 (@resultHandler)
  • Refactor App source code
  • Update SwiftNIO to 2.28.0

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