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mozilla/rust-components-swift 115.0.0
Swift Package for distributing Mozilla's Rust-based application components
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.package(url: "https://github.com/mozilla/rust-components-swift.git", from: "115.0.0")

Swift Package for Mozilla's Rust Components

This repository is a Swift Package for distributing releases of Mozilla's various Rust-based application components. It provides the Swift source code packaged in a format understood by the Swift package manager, and depends on a pre-compiled binary release of the underlying Rust code published from [mozilla/application-services](https://raw.github.com/mozilla/rust-components-swift/main/ https://github.com/mozilla/application-service).

For more information, please consult:

  • application-services ADR-0003, which describes the overall plan for distributing Rust-based components as Swift packages.
  • The Swift Package Manager docs and GitHub repo, which explain the details of how Swift Packages work (and hence why this repo is set up the way it is).
  • The ios-rust crate which is currently responsible for publishing the pre-built MozillaRustComponents.xcframework.zip and FocusRustComponents.xcframework.zip bundles on which this repository depends.


Here's a diagram of how this repository relates to the application-services repository and its release artifacts:

A box diagram describing how the rust-components-swift repo, applicaiton-services repo, and MozillaRustComponents XCFramework interact

Key points:

  • The application-services repo publishes two binary artifacts MozillaRustComponents.xcframework.zip and FocusRustComponents.xcframework.zip containing the Rust code and FFI definitions for all components, compiled together into a single library.
  • The Package.swift file refrences the xcframeworks as Swift binary targets.
  • The Package.swift file defines a library per target (one for all the components used by firefox-ios and one for focus-ios)
    • Each library references its Swift source code directly as files in the repo. All components used by a target are copied into the same directory. For example, all the firefox-ios files are in the swift-source/all directory.
    • Each library depends on wrapper which wraps the binary to provide the pre-compiled Rust code. For example, FocusRustComponentWrapper wraps the Focus xcframework.

Cutting a new release

Whenever a new release of the underlying components is availble, we need to tag a new release in this repo to make them available to Swift components. To do so:

  • Edit Package.swift to update the URL and checksum of MozillaRustComponents.xcframework.zip.
  • Run ./make_tag.sh --as-version {APP_SERVICES_VERSION} X.Y.Z to create the new tag.
  • Run git push origin X.Y.Z to publish it to GitHub.

Adding a new component

Check out the instructions in the docs in application-services for adding a new component and publishing it for iOS. The docs are also published for convenience in https://mozilla.github.io/application-services/book/index.html.


For testing instructions, you can checkout the docs in the application-services which are published for convenience in https://mozilla.github.io/application-services/book/index.html

Filing issues with rust-components-swift

Please open a ticket in https://github.com/mozilla/application-services/issues for any rust-component-swift related issues.


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