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Extension to Alamofire that extends various classes with protocols.

Alamofire is an awesome HTTP networking library written in Swift but writting tests around code that uses concrete classes can be painful.

Several of Alamofire's classes have been extended through the awesomeness of extensions:

  1. SessionManager now conforms to a SessionManagerProtocol which returns a DataRequest protocol for each of the various request, download, and upload methods

  2. SessionManagerProtocol defines all properties and methods that are public so taking a dependency of SessionManagerProtocol should be just like taking a dependency of SessionManager. Since Alamofire's session manager conforms to this new protocol, one can in an initializer default the dependency to some value like so init(manager: SessionManagerProtocol = SessionManager.default)

  3. The various request types have been extended so that they too conform to protocols. Since the DataRequest, DownloadRequest, and UploadRequest types inherit from a Request type, there is a general RequestProtocol.

    • DataRequestProtocol inherits from RequestProtocol
    • DownloadRequestProtocol inherits from RequestProtocol and DownloadRequestProtocol
    • UploadRequestProtocol just inherits from RequestProtocol

Alamofire's DataRequest inherits from their Request type, this type DataRequest now conforms to both RequestProtocol and DataRequestProtocol.

Alamofire's DownloadRequest inhierts from their Request type, this type DownloadRequest now conforms to both RequestProtocol and DownloadRequestProtocol.

Alamofire's UploadRequest inherits from their DataRequest type, this type UploadRequest now conforms to UploadRequestProtocol. Because the DataRequest type is conforming to RequestProtocol, UploadRequest indirectly conforms to the RequestProtocol.


This package can be used either with Swift Package Manager or CocoaPods.

Supported OS versions:

  • macOS(.v10_12),
  • iOS(.v10),
  • tvOS(.v10),
  • watchOS(.v4)


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