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LicensePlist is a command-line tool that automatically generates a Plist of all your dependencies, including files added manually(specified by YAML config file) or using Carthage or CocoaPods. All these licenses then show up in the Settings app.



| App Setting Root | License List | License Detail | | ------------------------- | ------------------------- | --------------------------- | | | | |


Homebrew (Recommended)

$ brew install mono0926/license-plist/license-plist


$ brew tap mono0926/license-plist
$ brew install license-plist

Mint (Also Recommended)

$ mint run mono0926/LicensePlist

CocoaPods (Also recommened)

pod 'LicensePlist'

Download the executable binary from Releases

Download from Releases, then copy to /usr/local/bin/license-plist etc.

Or you can also download the latest binary and install it by one-liner.

$ curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mono0926/LicensePlist/master/install.sh | sh

From Source

Clone the master branch of the repository, then run make install.

$ git clone https://github.com/mono0926/LicensePlist.git
$ make install


  1. On the directory same as Cartfile or Pods, simply execute license-plist.
  2. com.mono0926.LicensePlist.Output directory will be generated.
  3. Move the files in the output directory into your app's Settings.bundle.
├── Root.plist
├── com.mono0926.LicensePlist
│   ├── APIKit.plist
│   ├── Alamofire.plist
│   └── EditDistance.plist
├── com.mono0926.LicensePlist.plist
├── en.lproj
│   └── Root.strings
└── ja.lproj
    └── Root.strings


You can see options by license-plist --help.


  • Default: Cartfile


  • Default: Pods


  • Default: com.mono0926.LicensePlist.Output
  • Recommended: --output-path YOUR_PRODUCT_DIR/Settings.bundle


  • Default: None.
  • LicensePlist uses GitHub API, so sometimes API limit error occures. You can avoid it by using github-token .
  • You can generate token here
    • repo scope is needed.


  • Default: license_plist.yml
  • You can specify GitHub libraries(introduced by hand) and excluded libraries


  • Default: false
  • LicensePlist saves latest result summary, so if there are no changes, the program interrupts.
    • In this case, excecution time is less than 100ms for the most case, so you can run LicensePlist at Run Script Phase every time 🎉
  • You can run all the way anyway, by using --force flag.


  • Default: false
  • When the library name is SomeLibrary, by adding --add-version-numbers flag, the name will be changed to SomeLibrary (X.Y.Z).
    • X.Y.Z is parsed from CocoaPods and Cartfile information, and GitHub libraries specified at Config YAML also support this flag.
License list with versions


  • Default: false
  • Only when the files are created or updated, the terminal or the finder opens. By adding --suppress-opening-directory flag, this behavior is suppressed.

Integrate into build

Add a Run Script Phase to Build Phases:

if [ $CONFIGURATION = "Debug" ]; then
/usr/local/bin/license-plist --output-path $PRODUCT_NAME/Settings.bundle --github-token YOUR_GITHUB_TOKEN

Run Script Phase

Alternatively, if you've installed LicensePlist via CocoaPods the script should look like this:

if [ $CONFIGURATION = "Debug" ]; then
${PODS_ROOT}/LicensePlist/license-plist --output-path $PRODUCT_NAME/Settings.bundle --github-token YOUR_GITHUB_TOKEN


How to generate Xcode project?

Execute swift package generate-xcodeproj or make xcode.

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2.0.0 - Dec 5, 2018

  • Update to Xcode 9.4 / Swift 4.1 (#94, Thanks @ykyouhei )
    • #67
    • #68

From this version, Xcode 9.4 or higher is need to build LicensePlist. (If installed via CocoaPods or download binary, it can be executed on any version of Xcode which supports Swift.)

1.9.1 - Oct 24, 2018

  • #93 ( Thanks @yuya-oc )

1.9.0 - Oct 24, 2018


1.8.8 - Aug 3, 2018

1.8.8: Fix bugs

  • https://github.com/mono0926/LicensePlist/pull/89 ( Thanks @waynezhang )

1.8.7 - Aug 3, 2018