Package - mohamednagy/Permissions-Handler

Permissions Handler

Permissions-handler is an easy-to-use third party package for laravel 5 to manage users roles and permissions using annotations.

* @PermissoinsHandler\Permissoins({"add-users"})
function store(Request $request){
    // your code here

* @PermissoinsHandler\Role({"admin"})
function delete(Request $request){
    // your code here

In this example, only users who has a permission add-user will being allowed to access store method , and only users who has role admin will being allowed to access delete method

Change Log

  • Enhance and adding new artisan commands (add-permission, add-role, assign-permission, assign-roles)
  • PermissionsHandler to handle Route::group and namespace permissions
  • move the aggressiveMode from global attitude to method attitude.


MIT License


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2.0 - Nov 6, 2017