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Star Lanes



  • Basic game: Classic 12 x 9 map with five available companies.
  • Deluxe game: New 16 x 9 map with ten available companies.
  • Custom game: Make a map as large as 20 x 9, customize house rules and more!
  • Computer controlled players who play AGGRESSIVELY. Be vigilant!
  • Leaderboard to track series of games.

How To Play

When you run Star Lanes, you'll be offered instructions. If you're new to the game, please read these instructions to familiarize yourself with the game play.

Game Strategy and Tips

  • When companies merge, shares in the defunct company are converted into the surviving company at 2:1. If the defunct company share price is less than half the surviving company share price... PROFIT!
  • The trick is to profit from merges: buy low, merge high. Merge Order becomes critical as well as Merge Timing, where you can maximally leverage your profits from the previous merge.
  • If you're falling behind, you may be given an opportunity to concede the game. Players who have declined concession have actually ended up winning. Don't give up too easily!
  • In the Terminal window, scroll up to see computer opponents' current coordinate options. Are they sitting on a coordinate you need?
  • Luck is involved to win and you cannot win every game (unless you customized humans to have excessive initial cash). A bigger map with more available companies affords you more opportunities to catch up if you fall behind. Go big!

Differences from 1970's Star Lanes

  • Companies used to split 2:1 at $3,000 share price. They no longer split, ever.
  • Instead, when a company reaches a certain size (11 in Basic, 15 in Deluxe) it becomes safe. Safe companies cannot be merged.
  • When any company reaches a maximum size (41 in Basic, 55 in Deluxe), or if all companies are safe, the leading player can call the game.
  • Custom game can have Black Holes (@), which destroy any companies that get too close.

macOS: Install Star Lanes

  • Click on Releases tab above, and download the StarLanes.pkg file.
  • Run the .pkg file to install Star Lanes. Like other installers, you'll need to have Administrator privileges.
  • Open Terminal app (⌘-Space, then enter Terminal)
  • From Terminal, enter starlanes to run.
  • You'll need to adjust the Terminal window to fit the game screen.

macOS: Uninstall Star Lanes

  • Open Terminal app (⌘-Space, then enter Terminal)
  • Enter the following lines to remove the app and the save game file.
sudo rm /usr/local/bin/starlanes
rm ~/.starlanes

macOS or Ubuntu: Run from Source Code

Pre-requisite: Install Swift language for your OS.

$ cd [to folder containing Package.swift]
$ swift package generate-xcodeproj
$ swift run


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v1.1.0 - Oct 22, 2018

From macOS, download and run the StarLanes.pkg file to install Star Lanes. Then open the terminal app and run "starlanes"


v1.0.0 - Jun 24, 2018

From macOS, download and run the StarLanes.pkg file to install Star Lanes. Then open the terminal app and run "starlanes"