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Rc2 Swift Client

This project is a rewrite of the Rc2-client project started at WVU 4-5 years ago. There was a lot of legacy cruft from old features that are no longer needed.

The current Mac client requires Docker, and runs the server portion in docker containers. The server portions are developed at rc2server. Eventually this client project will move there, too.

Eventually we'll add back iOS support, once we figure out a hosting solution for the server side stuff.

The wiki contains more details on specific topics.


The macOS client requires 10.12 Sierra. Development is being done with Xcode 9.2, swift version 4.0.3.

The following 3rd party frameworks are used (via Carthage or in the vendor directory). Aside from HockeyApp, I'm willing/capable of maintaining a fork if necessary (or replacing them). Using them allows much faster development (or I wrote them myself).

  • CryptoSwift a pure swift implementation of cryptographic functions

  • [FMDB](https://github.com/ccgus/fmdb} wrapper around SQlite

  • Freddy for simplified JSON parsing

  • HockeySDK used for feedback beta distribution. All files are included in the git repository

  • MJLLogger a logging framework that works cross-framework, allows only the application to enable logging, and allows enabling logging per LogCategory.

  • Mockingjay for network unit tests

  • PEGKit a parsing expression grammar used for syntax highlighting

  • ReactiveCocoa reactive programming is awesome for handling of async callbacks (like making 14 network calls in a row with a single block of error handling code)

  • [Result] used by ReactiveCocoa

  • SBInjector very simple dependency injection

  • Sparkle enables update notification

  • Starscream for websocket support

  • [URITemplate] used by Mockingjay

  • ZipArchive for compressing files

Preparing to build

  1. carthage bootstrap --no-use-binaries --platform Mac

  2. git submodule update --init

  3. (cd vendor/MJLLogger; swift package generate-xcodeproj --xcconfig-overrides Mac.xcconfig)

  4. (cd ..; git clone https://github.com/rc2server/appmodelSwift.git appModelSwift; cd appModelSwift; swift package generate-xcodeproj --xcconfig-overrides Mac.xcconfig). This will eventually be handled by carthage, but I don't want to have to keep making releases while under active development.

  5. touch config/Local.xcconfig. See below for details on this file.

Help support

In the help directory, indexDocs.pl is a perl script to generate a json file with the help information necessary to make an index to search. These files are checked into git. The createHelpIndex target parses these files and creates an sqllite db that is embedded in the application for searching help.

The perl script requires Cpanel::JSON::XS and Statistics::R.

Generating help files

cd R-3.3.1
./configure --enable-prebuilt-html
tar zcf rdocs.tgz doc library/*/html/*
# cd destination-directory
tar xzf rdocs.tgz

xcconfig usage

The two main config files are Debug.xcconfig and Release.xcconfig. Both include Shared.xcconfig, which includes Local.config. The local file is in .gitignore so you need to create an empty one if you don't want warnings about the file being missing.

Therefore the local config file can be used to supply settings that shouldn't be included in git, like API keys and secrets.

An example that uses the official hockeyapp setup and imageInfo URL would be:

INFOPLIST_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS=SPARKLE_FEED_URL='https://rink.hockeyapp.net/api/2/apps/7574682489924a239272b421546d00f8' LSERVER_UPDATE_URL='http://www.rc2.io/imageInfo.json'

GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS = $(inherited) HOCKEYAPP_ENABLED=1 HOCKEY_IDENTIFIER='@"7574682489924a239272b421546d00f8"'


HockeyApp support

All apps will link with the HockeyApp SDK, but it is only activated if certain preprocessor macros are set in Local.xcconfig. Here is an example:

GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS = $(inherited) HOCKEYAPP_ENABLED=1 HOCKEY_IDENTIFIER='@"7574682489924a239272b421546d00f8"'

Process arguments

  • --disableDocker disables all docker checks. App server should be listening on correct port.

  • --resetSupportData forces removal of Caches and ApplicationSupport directories and all contents

Environment Variables

  • DisableHockeyApp disables HockeyApp loading

  • XCTestConfigurationFilePath is set by Xcode when running unit tests. If set, disables docker and skips startup actions. Will fatalError if running unit tests and all docker calls aren't mocked.

  • DMSkipUpdateCache will disable checks for updated DockerInfo.json from website

  • DockerHostUrl if set, will connect to this host instead of the local Docker daemon.


Logging is done via MJLLogger using a configuration class of Rc2LogConfig. Allows setting log level per LogCategory (e.g. enable debug logging for networking only)


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