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The pod NiceThings compile cool features i wish i could see natively in the Swift langage.
.package(url: "https://github.com/mlemort/NiceThings.git", from: "1.4.1")


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To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

There are test files under the Tests folder for all subspecs, so you can just see how it works, or continue to read further for Subspecs section.


  • iOS 10.3
  • macOS 10.15
  • tvOS 13.3
  • Swift 5


NiceThings is available through CocoaPods. To install all the subspecs, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'NiceThings'

or just add the subspecs you want, see below.



pod 'NiceThings/ArrayRemoveFirstObjectMatching'

This Array extension adds the method removeFirstObject(matching:). It removes the first element equal to object. The element must be Equatable.

var ages = [12, 16, 2, 7, 16]
ages.removeFirstObject(matching: 16)
// [12, 2, 7, 16]


pod 'NiceThings/CollectionSafeSubscript'

This Array extension provides a subscript [safe:] returning an optional value for the given index. This is usefull if you don't want to crash with an out of bounds index.

var ages = [12, 16, 2, 7, 16]
if ages[safe: 2] != nil {
    print("ages has at least 3 entries")
if ages[safe: 25] == nil {
    print("ages has less then 26 entries")
// ages has at least 3 entries
// ages has less then 26 entries


pod 'NiceThings/ConditionalAssignmentOperator'

This subspec adds the operator variable ??= value to swift. It assigns value to variable if variable is nil; otherwise, variable remains the same.

var val1: Int?
val1 ??= 12
print(val1 as Any)

var val2: String? = "Foo"
val2 ??= "Bar"
print(val2 as Any)

var val3: Double? = 3.14
val3 ??= nil
print(val3 as Any)

var val4: Int?
val4 ??= 1 ??= 2 ??= 3 ??= 4 ??= nil
print(val4 as Any)


pod 'NiceThings/DictionaryMapToDictionary'

This subspec adds the map method to swift dictionary. It takes a closure as parameter and apply that closure to each (key, value) pair to generate a new dictionary.

let dic = ["A": "a", "B": "b", "C": "c"]
let newDic = dic.map {
    return ($0.lowercased(), $1.uppercased())
// ["c": "C", "a": "A", "b": "B"]


pod 'NiceThings/OptionalIsNilOrEmpty'

Extension of Collection? to know if it is nil or empty.

let str1: String? = "not a nil or empty string"
let str2: String? = ""
let str3: String? = nil

Swerl by philsquared

pod 'NiceThings/Swerl'

Extension of Optional and Result to switch from a type of error handling to another.

  • unwrap() : Optional -> throws
  • unwrap() : Result -> throws (with more information)
  • toResult() : Optional -> Result
  • toOptional() : Result -> Optional
  • assume() : Result -> fatalError()


I'd be glad to add other usefull Swift tricks in this pod, so feel free to make pull requests if you wish to get more features.
Do not forget the tests ;)


mlemort, maxime.lemort@viseo.com


NiceThings is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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