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The best command to run Xcode app what you want.
.package(url: "https://github.com/minacle/xc.git", from: "v0.8.1")


$ xc

The best command to run Xcode app what you want.


  • Short! This command is short as cd and ls that use frequently!
  • Fast! This command is blazingly fast to find and sort Xcode apps on the machine!
  • Easy! This command is too easy to type and memorise so can even run Xcode app unconsciously!


You can install xc using Mint 🌱.

mint install minacle/xc


xc [-r|-gm|--release-only] [-l|--list] [-s|--specify <specifier>] [<paths> ...]
xc [-b|-beta|--allow-beta] [-l|--list] [-s|--specify <specifier>] [<paths> ...]
xc [-h|--help]


  • <paths>
    Path list to be opened.
    Swift packages are can be selected by package root directory.
    Open as workspace if .xcodeproj and/or .xcworkspace bundle selected.
    Otherwise selected file will be opened as independent file.


  • -b|-beta|--allow-beta
    Allow beta version.
  • -r|-gm|--release-only
    Disallow beta version. (default)
  • -l|--list
    List every found Xcode apps.
  • -s <specifier>|--specify <specifier>
    Specify the build or version of Xcode to run.
    To specify build 11E801a (for Xcode 11.7 GM), send 11E801a.
    To specify version 12.0.1 (for Xcode 12A7300 GM), send 12.0.1.
    To specify most recent version starts with 11, send ~>11.0.
    To specify most recent version starts with 8.3, send ~>8.3.0.
  • -h|--help
    Show help information.




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