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mikkelse/PasteboardStore 0.5.0
Store data in UIPasteboard with an identifier to share data "over the App Store"
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.package(url: "https://github.com/mikkelse/PasteboardStore.git", from: "0.5.0")


A wrapper around UIPasteboard which allows reading and writing a Payload to the pasteboard.

The payload is encoded into JSON data and then base64 encoded into a string set as a query parameter to a URL stored in the pasteboard with identifier as the host.

This allows for limited short term sharing of a data between apps, to facility "over the app store" installs for example.

Example use

// Create some data,
let data = "Some data".data(using: .utf8)!

// Initialize payload.
let payload = Payload(
    data: data,
    date: Date(),
    backLink: URL(string: "https://www.myapp.com")!

do {
    // Create pasteboard with identifier. Here using the apple id of the app.
    let store = PasteboardStore(identifier: "id319104329")

    // Write payload to pasteboard
    try store.writePayload(payload)

    // Read the payload from pasteboard.
    guard let payload1 = try store.readPayload() else { print("Payload not found"); return }
    print("Before clear: " + String(data: payload1.data, encoding: .utf8)!)

    // Clear the payload from pasteboard.

    guard let payload2 = try store.readPayload() else { print("Payload not found"); return }
    print("After clear: " + String(data: payload2.data, encoding: .utf8)!)
} catch {
    print("Failed to read/write payload: \(error)")


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