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mikkelse/JsonApiBuddy 0.5.0
A simple http client for JSON APIs written in Swift.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/mikkelse/JsonApiBuddy.git", from: "0.5.0")


A simple and lightweight http client for JSON APIs.

Simple use case example:

  1. Define a request by conforming to the Request protocol.
  2. Initialise an instance of HttpClient with a given base url.
  3. Ask the http client to perform the request

The example below uses Swift Concurrency, but the http client also support a completion based API. Swift Concurrency is supported from iOS 13 using continuations under the hood.

Define the request

/// Define a request to retrieve users.
struct GetUsersRequest: Request {

    /// Setup  the expected response object. In this case an array of users.
    typealias ResponseObject = [User]

    /// Setup the path for the request. Path components will be appended the base url of the http client.
    let pathComponents = ["users"]

    /// Define request specific models.
    struct User: JsonDecodable {
        let id: Int
        let firstName: String
        let lastName: String
        let email: String

Setup the http client and perform the request

/// Setup base url for and initialize the http client.
let baseUrl = URL(string: "https://some.api.com")!
let client = HttpClient(baseUrl: baseUrl)

/// Ask the http client to perform a specific request.
let request = GetUsersRequest()
let users = try await client.perform(request: request)


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